Monday, January 31, 2011

letter recieved 1-31-11


So whats up? So yeah with transfers the weather really wasn't that
bad. What really made it go behind schedule was first the fact that
because they thought it was going to be bad they shut down the airport
which meant that the new missionaries got stuck in New York lol, And
also the fact that they said there was going to be a foot of snow and
freezing rain both of which didn't happen. But in all honesty the area
is pretty sweet. We go to Maine everyday if we so choose. I shop in
Maine and get milk for yes you guessed it 3.44 a gallon which your
going who cares but in Canada you pay 3.96 for a half gallon. Chicken
is like 8 bucks for 2.5 lbs you would normally pay like 20 bucks for
that at least if now probably more actually. Well lets see 5 chicken
breast will cost about 26-32 bucks. So things here are awesome when it
comes to that.

But story time that will make you laugh kind of. Maybe make you kind
of go through the emotions of me offering to buy Cameron Brown a soda
during fast offerings. So here we go. Well it all starts with me
finding the red bull girls right. You know the ones that drive around
downtown Halifax and give out Red Bulls so me being me was like Elder
we got to get one. So we stop the girls talk to them and I come out
and was like can we have a free Red Bull and the of course give us
one. I decide to drink mine before bed time. Stay up till 2 haha make
the mistake of telling the Assistants, And then bam were sitting in
the office and Elder Randall kind of quietly/loudly whispers to Elder
Smith did you stay till 2 as well. So President goes who stayed up
till 2 so I go I did (thus begins the circus de Davis) he goes why so
I go well I drank a energy drink President you did what? Why did you
do that? So I go well cause I got it for free. He goes so if I gave
you a bottle of urine would you drink it? I laugh no President that's
gross. So then he goes Elder Davis don't drink an energy drink on your
mission or even after your mission ever again ok? I go ok. Then he
goes how did you get it for free? Again me dumbie oh the Red Bull
girls gave it to me. President the who? You know the girls that drive
around in the red bull car everyone always stops them and gets a
drink. Haha then I switch subjects on him cause he asks if someone
hands you a bottle that looks like alcohol but it isn't alcoholic do
you drink it so I said no its the appearance of evil. So that kind of
makes him happy then he goes on about how two Elders in one of his
zones drank this Woodpecker Apple Cider which apparently said
nonalcoholic but really had 3%. So now time for the switch of subjects
since I don't want President to lecture me much longer. So President
did they get drunk? And then he does his chuckle and goes oh yeah they
did. So bam conflict over. Elder Smith was definitely squirming and
didn't say a word the entire time just went really bright red. The
assistants told me that was the best subject change they have ever
seen. And also one of the funniest conversations they have ever seen
President have. I told them yeah thanks wieners.

But anyways mom sorry yeah like I said at first you will be like come
on really. But down the road you will laugh(he hopes I will laugh).
Oh so yeah Colburn that means I can't drink a red bull anymore with you when we head to the church welfare farm.
Serious note though the area will be good for
me. Its a small town. But there is a member in the ward who use to be
a local 70 so that is cool. He built a loft in his house for us. And
ever other week we will be going down to his house for 2-3 days to
work his area. So I am really excited for that. And other then that we
will be working and trying to find people to teach. It will be a lot
of fun. This town is super small. Like by far the smallest place I
have ever served in. So it will teach me a lot. Anyways I love you talk to
ya later.


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