Monday, February 7, 2011

Snot sickles 2-8-11


So lets see this week has been awesome. I have been to Main so much that the people at the border now know my name I feel so accepted lol. But its awesome. Minus when you get a new person who wants to prove a point and then stops us and has us open our car only to find a Book of Mormons and stuff like that. I always want to say if you open the hood you have to take one of everything there.
Anyways though this area is a lot of fun. Crazy thing though it has been by far the coldest place I have ever served in since being here. There has been 3 major snow storms since I have been here. I am getting less and less bad at driving on ice. And for the first time my snot froze that is right it froze just like dumb and dumber. Minus no one went pee on me to warm me up. It was so awesome though so normally its cold your nose just gets runny right well all of a sudden it just didn't get runny and like it felt weird when I would wiggle my nose so sure enough I checked and it was frozen I was so happy. But then once the excitement of that wore off I just got really cold and was like well this sucks now my toes are frozen and I my face if it were to get flicked it would hurt. So yeah its cold her and there is a lot of snow its so crazy. I am actually feeling a winter. Kind of like but glad it will be my last. Oh one last crazy of the snow storm so they come and plow are parking lot right. Well they didn't tell us to move our car so yeah they plowed it in. I forgot to take a picture but the snow around it was taller then the car it was crazy.

Side note I am glad that Colburn was able to use my major bad idea as a way to teach a lesson in EQ. It wasn't such a bad idea till President found out really it was funny. But then he found out and it wasn't so funny anymore just the way most of these ideas end up being.

More serious note. Things here are going good. We are continuing to work hard. And trying our best to find people. Thinks should start happening were both excited and have good feelings for the area. Which is always helpful when both are enthused to go work. Cause believe it or not some days its hard to go out and its nice to have some there pushing to get up and go to work. So things should be good here. Can't complain I am excited to see how things turn out.

Anyways I love ya tons got to go bye for now!

Love ya,


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