Monday, February 14, 2011

Letter 2-14-11 Happy Valentine's Day


So yeah you heard correct I have been sick it has been not fun at all. I swear I never got sick before at the start of my mission. But then again at the start my snot wasn't freezing in my other areas. But story time. So Thursday night I think it was I was sleeping and I woke up and was sweating. As bad as that is it wasn't the worse of it all. I was also shivering cause I was so cold. My mind begins to race and I was like what the heck I swear only girls are supposed to have hot cold flashes. Yeah so for that night I thought for sure something was seriously going wrong. But of course everything was fine and I wound up alive and well.
Other then that some other things would be me calling Sister Simpson and asking her if she had a blow dryer I could have. She thought it was the funniest thing ever. Especially when I told her it was so I could do my hair. Then I was like no no Sister Simpson I am totally kidding its just so I can dry my shoes when they get wet. I would be lying if I didn't say my favorite person to make laugh is Sister Simpson she has by far one of the funniest laughs I have ever heard. The next thing was Tuesday I decided to get up and do a little exercise so I jumped up on a stationary bike that is way old school. So I begin tearing it up on this bike and like five minutes into sitting on it and pedaling. I was like yup this is why I hated the bicycling merit badge so bad so I got off the bike and decided that was for sure the worse idea I have ever had. I am still pretty positive that is what got me sick but haven't really gone to the doctors yet to find out. But other then that this week was uneventful I was slept from basically Thursday-Saturday.

I unfortunately missed out on leadership training. Which is always good for getting some good President Simpson quotes and what not. But also honestly its also a really good opportunity to learn and walk away being a better missionary. So I was bummed about that but lately I was thinking in Alma 7 verse 11 it says "He will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people." And then that made me think truly not just cause I was sick but how much Christ really undertook. I must say truly each day I am pretty amazed at the fact of how much of it you never know or even sometimes when you did know it and then you begin to think more on it you will always walk away amazed. At times its interesting you sit and you watch people drive by and you think if only you knew what we offer would you drive by with your middle finger up. But obviously they don't hence the reason we go knock on their doors. Joking aside though it made me really think do I know what I offer? Do I know that for my entire life I have been given the greatest gift imaginable. I am grateful though for being a member and especially grateful for being a missionary even when my snot freezes or eat it walking on the ice and look like a fool. But I hope you have fun this week happy Valentines day. Love ya tons.

Love ya,


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