Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter recieved 2-28-11


What up? So this week there is no holidays which is awesome means were able to email. Well this week has been pretty awesome can't there has been a ton of snow storms which always makes it nice and slippery. My companion is horrible with balance so he is always flat on his back then it takes him like ten minutes to get up. I mean he like just straight up flys in the air like both feet right from underneath him and bam on his back. Well needless to say I end up hiding in my jacket and laughing very quietly. So he doesn't think I am a complete jerk but I can't really help him up. And then here is the best the next day he always wakes up wobbling and grunting. I am like ibuprofen will help, naw I am good. So things have been quite comical lately with him just eating it a lot. The best thing is now he is super cautious so he like wobbles on the ice like an old man. Ok on more funny of him eating it. So this one came when three really attractive girls drove by and wave. So I wave back so does he but the next think I know he is on his back I am like Elder come on it was just wave you shouldn't let the girls knock you off your feet so easily. He didn't think it was as funny I was like Elder really no one cares your on your mission they already think your weird. The fall just may of added a bit to it.

So this week has been a lot knocking slash getting snowed in which is always boring. Anyways so things are going a little slower here and well its hard to get a hold of people here. But things will start to turn around. So this week in church we sang I love to see the temple. Have not song that song in a super long time. And to be honest in Primary well we all know I didn't sing. The word in the song are awesome though in one of the last lines it says it is my sacred duty. I was thinking about it and not only is it our sacred duty to prepare but to go. Before my mission I didn't go much not to mention realize it was a sacred duty to prepare. So the reason is its the University of God we must go one because its a time to learn and bring yourself closer to God. And second the work is great in there and it must always go on. So think about the temple when was the last time you went. Try to go more. In it you will find lives greatest answers as well as peace from every care. Anyways enough with Pasteur Davis. I will let you go love ya be safe.


Elder Davis.

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