Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter recieved 2-22-11


So that is cool that Lanae was able to give her farewell I am sure she
will enjoy her mission.
So that would be awesome if the Enos came on the cruise.I am sure a lot of people want to meet the one whose companion shot a kid with the blow dart. I actually was talking to an Elder who I told that story to and when I told him he was laughing so
hard that he couldn't´t talk at the next door nor could he stop laughing
he was leaning over the stair well laughing. It was bad and to make it
worse the guy let us in and he was still laughing. Well he called me
and told me he was getting married and what not. Then follows with so
the other day I was going through some stuff at home and yeah I
totally found a blow dart gun. He was so proud I guess he brought it
ought and was like why did you hide this from me for so long. As
for Beus he is going to come on the cruise well if he has the money.
But he seems to be excited about it and isn´t to upset about the loss
of New York.

Anyways this week has been good I can´t complain were still working
hard. We were able to get into the local university which is a booming
little place it has about 60-80 students. Hahhaa I almost laughed when
they said it. When I was talking to one of the students they were like
yup one year we got up to 90 my response was did you throw a party?
The answer was no. But oh well. In all honesty though they all seemed
to get along with us which is good but we need to be able to use that
so we can start teaching them. They all have Christian backgrounds
which is good because it drops the annoying students who think they
are to smart to believe in God. But also this week I was preparing for
district meeting. It was all on Revelatory Process through the Book of
Mormon. Its interesting because it all gives things to help the
investigator. But here is some things I liked that we should do. It
talks about likening the scriptures to the investigators. Cause when
you liken it to them it creates a mental bridge that connects
understanding doctrine and living doctrine. This is something we need.
We need to not just understand what we teach but also live it. Second
thing that I liked was it talked about the Moronis Promise. It
encourages Missionaries and I would say members as well to continue to
take this challenge and restrengthen your testimony. So that you can
then take confidence in the promise when you have others do. So these
are things I want to extend you and the family make sure that you
apply the scriptures to yourself. And always look to improve your
testimony. Anyways love ya tons.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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