Wednesday, October 27, 2010

letter recieved 10/27/10


Yeah the package was awesome. As for taking Elder Boyd out to eat well we will do it in a bit. Its been pretty crazy lately, this week we have be gone a lot. It all started with last Saturday. When we went up to Sydney to do a baptismal interview that is one heck of a drive. I slept most of the way. But we didn't end up getting home till 10:15 that night. It was a lot of fun though good to see Elder Beus we went to his apartment and took a bunch of nuts you find on the ground put it all over the apartment, He has still yet to acknowledge that prank.
I am curious to know what the card said that Nicholas gave you. He is a dork I love how he is coming to live down there for 2 weeks. I could just seem him being super happy about that. I showed President and Sister Simpson the pictures of him Kelly, Stowell, and Keeney. They were laughing so hard at Nicholas they really loved him as well. As for Keeney yes he is a dork I am not surprised he hugged you the moment he saw you. He was always like that. Funny kid full of energy and I am not shocked much by him teaching the kids how to shoot rubber bands. As for Stowell an elder was saying the other day they remember watching a new Elder who had not to many friends standing by himself not knowing where to sit and Stowell invited him over to sit with him. So as you can see he was always pretty kind to people.That is funny that you got him with the microwave.
So Monday we went to Zone Leader Council and President always uses big words so I look like an idiot when he says do you know what I mean when I say that and of course he looks at me and I have a no idea look. So then he explains it so the best quote is Well Elders if I don't teach you anything at least I can always say I expanded your vocabulary. He is a funny guy. But Zone Council was good he taught a lot about working with members and helping the new missionaries out since there is so many. Elder Saunders who is the new Assistant is sitting there. Background story so we were talking about what to do with Christmas Zone Conference and we all decided that it was funny when Nicholas dressed up as Santa. So President looks around and says well who is going to do it this year. Sister Simpson goes well Elder Saunders and he is my height. So Presidents response is no he is more the size of an elf I felt so bad. So did Sister Simpson apparently so she made him apologize. But the rest of the week we have an exchange.Tomorrow we are taking off to Charlottetown PEI again to do a baptismal interview. So like I said we have a busy few days.

On the spiritual side. We were able to do those baptismal interviews and they were awesome. The Brewsters are a great family they are older but there youngest daughter Chelsea is getting baptized as well. I was able to meet them when I went on exchanges with Elder Beus up there,And it was a lot fun talking to them again. I felt bad they wanted us to stay up there and watch there baptism but we weren't able to stay up so like I said earlier we left. But things are starting to look really good here. I was on exchanges with Elder Bench Friday and we were knocking and we finished a street and one of his investigators gave him a referral. So we went to the referrals house well tried to ended up finding out that the house number was made up. So we ended up going to the next street we had planned out to knock. And we were standing at the side of the house and I couldn't figure out what street these other houses were on. So me and Elder Bench decided to knock it anyways so we start to head up and we look up to a guy yelling hey missionaries come in here. Obviously we go in. And we meet Kyle (weird teaching a guy with my own name cause I thought I was talking to myself.) and Emily. So we taught them the restoration. And commited them to be baptized when they received there answer to their prayers. They said that would be willing to do that. So Monday we go back and we taught them again and this time we commited them to November 20th and they agreed so we are pretty pumped for them and greatfull for this great blessing. Things though are starting to look good we are getting some good solid contacts we need to call and set up appointments with. So we should start seeing some good success. Its helps that so many elders before hand have worked really hard in the area.

Anyways bye for now love ya,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

letter recieved 10/20/10


So lets see a bit has happened since last week. So this week we picked
up a new Elder his name is Elder Boyd so were in a threesome. I
have served around him before so it is fun. He is the one we got to
sleep walk. Unfortunately he hasn't been sleep walking here yet.
Elder Redford told us last night he was talking. So I was bummed as I
lost my chance to talk to him. So that is the new crazy, his companion
went home I feel bad for the kid. Lets see the also told me I talk
about Elder Beus and Nicholas to much so lately I have been focusing
on that since I don't want to annoy them. It is obvious that they
were my favorite companions. As I have more pictures with them but to
not make it obvious I will try to take more with them so they don't
feel as bad. Anyhow I am laughing that Nicholas is addicted to
fashion. That is so funny if he is reading its not my fault dude just
remember don't over do it.

So anyways I am glad to see you made it back from the trek soundly and in one piece. It is a good experience I will be honest I don't ever plan on doing it again though.

Kelly McNair ( she is her visiting from Halifax) called us the day before she left to the airport and sounded excited
to meet you guys but we didn't get to talk to her because we were in a
district meeting. But I am sure you will have fun with her she is super funny.

Anyways as far the area things are going well were finding a lot and
lately we have been trying to figure out ways to help the zone. After
President asked a question in our interviews that I realized I had no
idea what the answer was. So I was like well I felt stupid and so
after that we were knocking and talking about ways to make sure this
doesn't happen again. So we came up with an implementation. It is
the first one I have done and man I didn't realize how many people
love to argue. It sounded genius to us and it was something that has
been done before and well we sent it out and the phone goes crazy with
Elders saying we are focusing on numbers not people and my favorite is
one told us that we were using unrighteous dominion. I got a kick out
of that. But I would say it taught me a lot its been a good
experience. So that is what is happening here we are mostly working as
hard as we can to find the elect it will come in time I am sure. But
talk to ya later love ya tons.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

letter recieved 10/13/10


So that is so funny that you are up on the trek right now.
When I got to Sydney Elder Beus asked about you and when I told him where you were he goes oh man that sucks well hopefully she makes it home a live.
That is crazy to see that Keaton and Dax went wake boarding I was showing a bunch of guys one Elder said that he never was able to even get up on the board so congrats to them that is way sweet that they did that. How is Tanner Flaherty?
I am not surprised though that Nicholas did good he was always good at speaking. And yes when he tells a joke you would if you don't know sarcasm think he is serious.
So not to much is going on here we are just enjoying Sydney its a beautiful place. So I am just mostly enjoying the company of the Elders up here we played football earlier this morning and Elder Beus wore this disgusting leather hat. It was by far the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

As far as spiritual lately I have been studying charity and love. Its interesting haven't yet figured it out. I am thinking it is different. At least I am pretty sure it is. In verse 5 of Section 4 it says you need both charity and love. So I am trying to figure it out, And every time I think I have it understood I read something else and it completely changes. So I am not sure really the contrast but I do know that both are crucial in the missionary work. Especially charity because without charity you are nothing as 1st Corinthians 13 says. So who knows its exciting makes studying a little more lively. But I am glad to be going back down to New Glasgow its always good going on exchanges but its like staying at a hotel when you get back home your glad to be there. Love ya tons best of luck with the trip and talk to ya later.


Elder Davis

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Letter recieved 10/6/10


So conference was awesome this week. The talks were all super good I particularly liked Elder Scott's talk.
Some crazy cool news we got a new car its super sick for sure its a Subaru Impreza and it has like no k's on it at all. So literally its brand new I think its a 2011 anyways the coolest part about the car is it has a speed mode and yes I did try it out and sure enough it is as President Simpson said a "Zippy little car".
This week we are going up to Sydney on Monday to Wednesday. I am pretty excited two good friends and great Elders are up there. One of course is Elder Beus can't wait to see that kid, And the other is Elder Boyd. So things will be really cool there.
I am still lauging at the pictures of Nicholas and Stowell how was dinner with them? Did Nicholas go on a date? I told you would love the kid he is by far one of the funniest people I know. I am not going to lie I miss the random ideas of stuff we would do. I am glad to see that he looked happy. I am sure you guys had some good laughs. Don't believe any of the positive stuff he said about me but you can believe the negative hahaha.
This week has been a long one kind of, Friday and still today I am pretty sick got some sort of flu. It bites I have completely lost my voice so that meant I had to cancel an appointment as well as sit in for a day. President when he saw me said why are you here if your sick such a concerned guy lol. He knew though I was there for the new car. To be honest I didn't feel like that bad just was drained and well had no voice. But Sister Simpson called and told me to rest because it was stupid for me to go out when I really can't even talk. So poor Elder Redford had to sit in yesterday. I passed out and woke up and was bored myself so we went walked around downtown New Glasgow which is not effective but at least got both of us out of the house.
I am super excited for Garin and Sara though man what a good blessing for them and their family. What is the babies name?!

This week as far as missionary work goes we were dropped by Rosemary she didn't give much of a reason other then she didn't feel like she wanted to continue on with this at this point in her life. So that was a major bummer. I realized by now that all we can do is invite everyone still has that thing called agency. Also I just think of the quote that Sister Simpson gave on being discouraged she said that "Discouragement was a weakness of your faith" yeah definitely acts as a punch to the face for the times you did get discouraged. I realize though that every great missionary in the world faced discouragement and lack of success one way or another. Even Ammon and his brothers said that were about to turn around and come back. So this is just a test good things will come I just have to kick the sickness and get back out and start working. That way Elder Redford won't get crazy from sitting in. Anyways nothing to new has happened were just trying to call some of the contacts we have to set up appointments.
I love ya tons and hope you guys are enjoying the new baby.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.