Wednesday, October 20, 2010

letter recieved 10/20/10


So lets see a bit has happened since last week. So this week we picked
up a new Elder his name is Elder Boyd so were in a threesome. I
have served around him before so it is fun. He is the one we got to
sleep walk. Unfortunately he hasn't been sleep walking here yet.
Elder Redford told us last night he was talking. So I was bummed as I
lost my chance to talk to him. So that is the new crazy, his companion
went home I feel bad for the kid. Lets see the also told me I talk
about Elder Beus and Nicholas to much so lately I have been focusing
on that since I don't want to annoy them. It is obvious that they
were my favorite companions. As I have more pictures with them but to
not make it obvious I will try to take more with them so they don't
feel as bad. Anyhow I am laughing that Nicholas is addicted to
fashion. That is so funny if he is reading its not my fault dude just
remember don't over do it.

So anyways I am glad to see you made it back from the trek soundly and in one piece. It is a good experience I will be honest I don't ever plan on doing it again though.

Kelly McNair ( she is her visiting from Halifax) called us the day before she left to the airport and sounded excited
to meet you guys but we didn't get to talk to her because we were in a
district meeting. But I am sure you will have fun with her she is super funny.

Anyways as far the area things are going well were finding a lot and
lately we have been trying to figure out ways to help the zone. After
President asked a question in our interviews that I realized I had no
idea what the answer was. So I was like well I felt stupid and so
after that we were knocking and talking about ways to make sure this
doesn't happen again. So we came up with an implementation. It is
the first one I have done and man I didn't realize how many people
love to argue. It sounded genius to us and it was something that has
been done before and well we sent it out and the phone goes crazy with
Elders saying we are focusing on numbers not people and my favorite is
one told us that we were using unrighteous dominion. I got a kick out
of that. But I would say it taught me a lot its been a good
experience. So that is what is happening here we are mostly working as
hard as we can to find the elect it will come in time I am sure. But
talk to ya later love ya tons.


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