Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter Recieved 4/28/10


Hey how is everything going it seems things are going really good back at home. But tell Nate I am sorry I forgot age is catching him and his eyesight is failing him as well. But that is funny I am glad he got the letter I was just thinking about that and was wondering if he got it.

But this week we didn't find any new investigators but its fine we will. We actually around the time we got dropped by Scott and Lisa a former called us up and said that she wanted us to come back and talk to her. So lately its been hard to get back into her house as she has been sick. And then the other week she ate it going up the stairs not going to lie I would of loved to have seen that.

But Elder Beus is doing a lot better he is happy now minus the fact that he still has sinus problems. So today we will be making a trip to the hospital so he can get a cat scan. It will be a lot of fun.
Oh yeah I just found out one of the people I was teaching in Sackville is getting baptized. So President gave me permission to go to that. But the bad thing is that she wants me Elder Beus and two other Elders to sing at it. When she called and asked me to do that. I was like Kelly you yourself said I can't sing come on the baptism is supposed to be spiritual not humorous. But other then that thing here are just back to knocking a lot and trying to get into the doors of peoples house. Also President has given us permission to start working with the members again which is nice.

But I am glad that Chase is getting baptized that will really be a good experience and blessing for Adams testimony. You will have to take pictures and send them to me. I am not going to lie I will die laughing when I see Adam in the jump suit. When can he go through the temple?
But anyways I am sure you have a lot of fun with your lesson. As far as the time limit on the phone call, President is sticking with use your best judgement. So as far as people there if you can maybe get Colburn there that would be cool but I can understand if he is busy. But tell Maggie I am glad to hear that she is doing good it always makes me happy to know that she is healthy and still enjoying life.

But how is the Keaton, Dax, Devyn, and Alea? Anyways I love ya tons. Thanks for the email its always fun to read it. Thanks for all your prayers.

Love ya tons,
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

letter recieved 4-21-10


Get this it snowed here in April how retarded is that?! The weather here does not make any sense. One day it is in the 20's next thing you know it is snowing hmmmm... But anyways thanks for the advice in times like this work is what I need to do and continue to do. But I know I am not just laying ground as well I am here to baptize and I will. Things will get better,they always get worse before better.
But thanks so much dad for the letter and teaching me to work. I remember you taking me to work and at first being mad but at the end always enjoying it. You were always a great example to me. You taught me lessons without ever having to say a word. I love ya tons. I will continue to pray for you and your success. I know that things will work out with Eco Lab. Elder Davis.
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letter recieved 4-21-10


I still can't believe how long Doug has been a member I was just reading everything and wanted to cry I love that family they truly helped me out in so many ways.

But I am not surprised that Heath picked out Optimise Prime. I would of if I was there got him to buy the noisiest toy in the store just to drive his dad bonkers. How is Maggie and Heath doing by the way?
I imagine that President Salmon did good he seems like a really good speaker. What did Bishop speak about? And who else spoke? But that is to bad that Larry Grubb's isn't the home teacher anymore but at the same time the Harding's are a really good group of people.

But this week has been a time of a lot of reflecting and thoughts on the Harrison's. It is hard because you come to love this family and get to know them and want only the best for them. You think a lot about there kids and all that they will miss out on. I know God is mind full of them and will do all that he can to help them. I also know that in times like this he is testing our faith, I cant be faithless I simply can't afford it. I don't have enough time to allow it. So that is what we will do we will push on and we will be led to another family. If this taught me anything it is that the Lord does have entire families ready to be baptized. It was one of the hardest things that has ever happened to me. But the blessings of my past is I have seen some pretty dark moments and always there is light at the end. I just have to continue to push forward not doubting and know that I have been lifted out of worse things then this. It has been a good week probably one of the more emotional ones for me in a very long while.

Anyways I love ya guys tons. Continue to grow together and grow strong. The family is what everything consist of love ya tons. Elder Davis.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter recieved 4/14/10


Hey how is everything going it sounds like everything is a lot of fun.
That is to funny about Garin driving around and honking at people. I remember one time he was driving and with me and Devon. And he would go by people and like act like he was going to pass them so they would speed up. But just a head was a cop and they would always hit there breaks. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. The other time is when we were in our old house me and Garin went to his house. And when we came back he was racing these young kids. So Garin said when we passed them hey give them thumbs up. So I turned and did it and they flipped me off. I don't know if maybe he helped with that reaction or what but it is always a treat to drive with him.

That is to funny that Brexton starts off coming in the house and saying that. You should of taken pictures of him and the bunny. I think one of the things after hanging out with the family I will have to take him to wal mart. That kid has always made me laugh. What does Nixin look like now? But I am glad you were at least able to help out the Beebe's. Its funny how Satan works like that always trying to stop progress's. I have seen that in this week.

Which brings me to the sad news. Scott and Lisa are not on baptismal date anymore. They asked for us to slow down and give them some space. Scott used to be a Free Mason and Satan always getting in the way of progress. Put into his mind to go look up Joseph Smith in this old Free Mason book he had. And now he is questioning Joseph Smith due to he feels that he stole the Temple Ceremony from them. And stuff like that. Its been a hard and trying week. But I know things will be fine. We have prayed and fasted, And things will work out. Right now its just a trial of mine and Elder Beus's faith,As well as Scott. Scott has a lot of potential to be a great leader in the church here. Everyone that meets him says he will be a bishop. So Satan has truly put up a good fight. But light always conquers. Nothing to new or funny has happened this week.

I love ya tons all of you. Mom you have always been a great example to me. I love ya thanks for everything Kyle.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

letter recieved 4-7-10

Beebe family,

I am so excited for you guys to go through the temple. I can't believe its already time for that. I know I say it a lot but time is flying by. But I was a little sad that you guys are moving. I must admit. But I know that things will work out and it is for the best. You need to always make sure to take care of yourself. And you know Doug is probably needed up there. Not just for work but for the work of the Lord. I will not be surprised. If he goes bishop or Ward Mission Leader soon. Anyways I wish you guys the best. I am glad to hear that you will be at the Airport(when he gets home) that will be awesome to see you guys. But take pictures of the house and stuff.

But yes the family is doing great(the family they have been teaching). Go to the blog and you will read some great news I am super excited for them.
As to being hard on myself, Its true I need to quit it. My Mission President told me that. I think sometimes in the mission you can't help but be saddened when some doesn't want to talk to you. Its hard and you want the best for them but in the end its there choice. One of the great and first gifts we were given was agency. I learned that my sorrow must be nothing compared to the sorrow of our Heavenly Father. The love he has for us and he askes such simple things of us. When we choose not to listen, It must deeply hurt him. But anyways I must be short. And I apologize. Its transfers today, And I opened up my email account to see 23 letters which is nice. But yikes for writing back!
I love ya guys tons. And feel blessed to have known you and see all that you guys have done. Take care.


Elder Davis.

Letter recieved 4/07/10 to Aunt Teriney


Of course they love the dog(kyle's dog Shea belle). She is awesome, She was loved and taught by me. We know that if we fart although it may smell,(the dog and owner have the same problem) It keeps only those who you love and love you wanting to come back and talk to you.
But anyways thanks for the letter. I miss being able to spend time with you guys as well, Although I wouldn't trade it. Its to much fun here, Only place that they could get me to work for free and love it. Believe me just ask everyone who I did a service project for.
Anyways continue to love Arizona, You should go to Mattas just for me. I have been craving it for the last 2 months.
Tell Hazel, That if she ever pees on my bed again the Alligator underneath it will come out and eat her. Haha love ya tons.
Take care Elder Davis.

letter recieved 4-7-10


Whats up? The shirts fit great. The training was awesome and I walked away knowing a bunch it was crazy. It was one crazy training. It was all about how to be better planners and also how to be better commiters. It was spiritual and it was a great learning time for everyone there.

I think that is so awesome that Keaton ate the wing and licked it clean. Way to go buddy show them all who is boss.
I am excited for the Beebes its sad for sure I will greatly miss them. But on the plus they are getting sealed and headquarters are in Phoenix so when goes higher and he will. He will just wind up back in Arizona.

But some good news. Me and Elder Beus are going to be together another transfer. Which is awesome, And we are both excited for that. Wednesday night President left us thinking possibly one of us was leaving, He definetly had us going. The night we went out with President was awesome. We took him teaching and he complimented us on that. And then when we went home, He taught us how to be better planners not just schedulers. So it was an awesome night.

Next news which is the great news. Well we went to Scott and Lisa's Thursday night and if you remember we were going to commit them. So we come to the lesson when we are going to do it. Jenny there 9 year old goes, Hey we made you cake You want some? Well it just never went the same, And we walked away sad. Then we go back Monday and the whole family came to the Sunday session of conference.We took Bishop Pilling and his wife. We then asked them how they felt about conference Lisa said it felt like a wave hit me. So we told her what that wave was. Next question is how do you feel about our message. Scott answers and says its funny because around the time me and Lisa decide we need to find a church to take our kids to. You guys come knocking on our door, And you tell us go to church. He said that he believes it to be a gift from God, And that it wasn't a fluke.
So we go on to tell them. That they are right it was a gift, And then we commit them. It got akwardly quite for 20-30 seconds. Then Tommy ask a off topic question to Bishop, And next thing we know Lisa is crying.She said we would love for them to be baptized. So we then explained that it was for the whole family not just the kids. We put the date for April 26th and they are right now praying to make sure that is right for them. So we are so excited for what the Lord has given us. We truly as you see did nothing to get them here. But anyways I just wanted to tell you that. Thanks for your prayers and love.
I love you tons.
Elder Davis.
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