Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter Recieved 4/28/10


Hey how is everything going it seems things are going really good back at home. But tell Nate I am sorry I forgot age is catching him and his eyesight is failing him as well. But that is funny I am glad he got the letter I was just thinking about that and was wondering if he got it.

But this week we didn't find any new investigators but its fine we will. We actually around the time we got dropped by Scott and Lisa a former called us up and said that she wanted us to come back and talk to her. So lately its been hard to get back into her house as she has been sick. And then the other week she ate it going up the stairs not going to lie I would of loved to have seen that.

But Elder Beus is doing a lot better he is happy now minus the fact that he still has sinus problems. So today we will be making a trip to the hospital so he can get a cat scan. It will be a lot of fun.
Oh yeah I just found out one of the people I was teaching in Sackville is getting baptized. So President gave me permission to go to that. But the bad thing is that she wants me Elder Beus and two other Elders to sing at it. When she called and asked me to do that. I was like Kelly you yourself said I can't sing come on the baptism is supposed to be spiritual not humorous. But other then that thing here are just back to knocking a lot and trying to get into the doors of peoples house. Also President has given us permission to start working with the members again which is nice.

But I am glad that Chase is getting baptized that will really be a good experience and blessing for Adams testimony. You will have to take pictures and send them to me. I am not going to lie I will die laughing when I see Adam in the jump suit. When can he go through the temple?
But anyways I am sure you have a lot of fun with your lesson. As far as the time limit on the phone call, President is sticking with use your best judgement. So as far as people there if you can maybe get Colburn there that would be cool but I can understand if he is busy. But tell Maggie I am glad to hear that she is doing good it always makes me happy to know that she is healthy and still enjoying life.

But how is the Keaton, Dax, Devyn, and Alea? Anyways I love ya tons. Thanks for the email its always fun to read it. Thanks for all your prayers.

Love ya tons,
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