Wednesday, May 5, 2010

letter recieved on 5-5-10


Whats up? That is crazy that Adam was able to baptize Chase I saw the picture it made me laugh so hard. That is crazy that Elder Hathaway is already going home. Where is Elder Mouso now? But how is everything else going back at home?

By the way I will be calling at 8 which will be 4 your time. So you will hear from me then.

Unfortunately we weren't able to find anyone new this week. But we are still going and talking to some of are other investigators.

But that is crazy that Lauryn Van Roy's parents moved here that must of been exciting for her.
As for Elder Beus he is not well all 6 of his sinus's are inflamed. Which is just not good at all. But the baptism isn't till May 16Th. So yeah its a little ways away and also me Beus, Miller, and Redford are going to be singing not just me. I would never ever agree to something like that ever. I am assuming you invited the Beebe's as well though right? By the way got the ties loved them, Elder Stowell, Nicholas and Redford all said to tell you thanks. Actually Nicholas might be writing you except I forgot to get him your email. But anyways I will talk to you on Sunday see ya later for now. Love ya tons. Elder Davis.

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