Wednesday, May 12, 2010

letter recieved 5/12/10


It was way fun to talk to you guys as well. I couldn't stop laughing at some of the stuff I was getting the kids to tell me.Everyone seemed to be doing good and happy, being out here there is nothing more refreshing and reassuring then to hear that your family is doing good.
I agree it was really good to talk to Jim it was one of the funnest conversations. The saying of the phone call goes to Colburn going hold on My sexy wife wants to talk to you. Please put that on the blog.
I badly wished I could of been there to see Doug Beebe just freaking out about the snake. I remember one time at work when he saw a spider he was up and out of his chair in seconds it made me laugh so hard.
Mom its not that you like to feed people,as much as you like to serve people.You got that from grandma wanting to serve I remember you would rarely find her not serving people. It was interesting this week, In district meeting we were to share with everyone a disciple of Christ in our life that we looked up to. So I decided to go with grandma Smith I talked about her strong faith in Christ how you could always catch her on her knees in earnest prayer. I shared how she would go to the soup kitchens and feed people and take them the food and then sit and have a conversation. Grandma was an amazing person one I will always be grateful to have known and be taught by. I hate crying and so to stop the tears I just had to look down, That didn't stop my voice. I don't know why at times it is harder then others to talk about her.I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation, And to know what will happen and to know life only gets better and most important that we will be together again.
I love ya tons,It was more then awesome talking to you those last two hours were killer before I could call. I never thought the time would come. I love ya and miss ya thanks for doing everything you could to get me out here.



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