Wednesday, June 30, 2010

letter reciever 6-30-10

So transfers came in today, And the sad news is that Elder Nicholas is no longer and Assistant and got moved to New Glasgow with Elder Beus so I am excited and of course jealous of that. They will both do really well!
Elder Hendriksen is going home and I am deeply upset about that. I really have come to love the kid he is a great friend and will be missed. He has taught me a lot about how to be a better missionary. So the news of who my new companion is, I am training and as of yet have no idea what is name even is. I am really nervous about that, But it will be a good experience.
President had a trainers meeting last night and committed each of us to be exactly obedient. He put a lot of pressure on us. He said three or four times "as you train so goes the mission" so yeah I am definitely worried about that. He reminded us to be loving and kind, And to not forget that they are new and will have no idea what is going on. I will also be a district leader this transfer. So I am feeling a little bit uneasy right now I have two things I need to learn how to do and hope I can pick them both up. So this transfer will be a lot of fun as well as a great growing experience. I will probably be losing a lot of my free time due to call nights which I will have five of those a night and during emailing I now get to write district evaluations so that is the bad news I am losing free time. I know that this is what I need to do and will do it joyfully. Next week I will tell you who my new companion is, love ya tons keep me definitely in your prayers.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis

Love ya tons mom

Thursday, June 24, 2010

letter received 6/23/10


So camp sounded like a lot of fun. President Salmon was always a funny guy I am glad to hear that everyone had fun and there was a lot of laughs. As far as carrying the finger around in his pocket that is just gross. I am sure that it makes for a great object lesson.

You asked how Elder Hendriksen was doing and he is really well. He is a funny kid he hasn't done anything to crazy lately or maybe I am just used to him being crazy all the time. The work is going good we are working a lot and have recently dropped a couple of investigators. Which stinks but its something that has to happen after a while they just don't want to commit and then you just waste your time there.
Here is the weekly funny. So the other day we were on the bus, And this kid is on there and we can say he is kind of socially retarded. He is sitting there talking to people and a young couple get on the bus and he says "so you glad you have a kid". You must be I mean otherwise to bad its here. So they go yeah we like him. After a while they get on the subject of what school they went to. He said that he was called a "rare"there because he was the only one that didn't drink smoke or do drugs and sleep with a girl every 5 minutes. He goes but I don't like to be called "rare" I prefer the word "descent" ,And then it dawns on him he just slammed the guy he was talking to so he backtracks and says not to say your not descent just I mean you could of made better choices. Your a good guy though. I was laughing so hard in the back of the bus and to this day swear there was a hidden camera.

So this week Elder Pieper of the Seventy came to the mission.He taught us in Zone Conference and it was awesome he is an awesome guy. He basically asked everyone in the room if they had any questions. So he got a bout 6 questions. Then spent the next 3 hours answering every question. So it was amazing he brought up a lot of good points that I think we were all doing but he showed us how to do it in a better way.
Afterwards I was sitting there and Elder Willis is giving me a hard time for wearing this white tie I have with grayish stripes. Really nice tie. I was telling Elder Willis how much President liked the tie and saying all these other things which were lies. Then I hear Elder Davis could you come here real fast.I Turn around it was President I was like crap I knew that the tie was a risky move. Well I start walking with him and he goes if you could step out here real fast Elder Pieper wants to interview you. So yes now I am definitely pooping my pants. So I get in the interview and it was really nice we just talked about where I am from what I did for work back at home, how long I have been out, what I think is the hardest part of missionary work, and how do I want to finish my mission. Then in the end I got a hug from the guy. So you can now say your son has hugged a general authority. I kinda feel like a big deal even though others were interviewed and hugged still feel like a big deal. But that is all for this week love ya tons thanks for the letter.


Elder Davis.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elder Davis and the Purple Headband

I guess this is what missionaries do when they get bored, or maybe not

Letter Recieved 6/16/10


Whats up? So right now your in Girls Camp hahahaha!!
Things have been really good.I can tell you a funny story about the Head band right. So it was sitting there and I was complaining about how long my hair was and decided to just to put it on. Plus to be honest I did it to make people laugh. One time I I got a hold of those diamond things you put on your nails and will just say my face was decorated in them. I will have to get you more pictures. I have some of Peggy's Cove as well.
I wish you could of been there to see Elder Hendriksen climbing up the Moose it was so funny. But not as funny as him trying to figure out how to get down. We were laughing so hard he just kept yelling what do I do? How do I get down? It was so funny. So back to him and his feud with the Sisters. So every time we go to District Meeting he decides to wink at them and stuff like that right, so the other day all during sacrament they were staring at him. So he calls them and says Sister Billings no matter how attractive you might think I am you have to stop staring at me people are noticing and its just makes me feel really awkward. It was so funny she paused for a moment and then goes ha really why did you call? He goes no really that is why I called. Then she went quiet for like a good minute and goes is that it he said yes she goes well OK bye. They haven't talked to us or acknowledged us since Sunday it was so funny.

But this week I did a training on the Holy Ghost and linked it to the Liahona. So interestingly enough the Liahona was given to them to guide them through the wilderness and to food and also had messages that would appear on it. So when you go through how it worked. It only worked when they had faith, were diligent and took heed to things that was written. So with the Spirit it is a gift that we all obtain when were 8. But it is a gift that only works when we don't complain, we do everything we can to be better, and when we follow the counsel of our Prophets. So that was a fun training to prepare and something I figured I would share with you. Love ya tons mom.



Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/13/2010 Cow Bay Canada Elder's Davis' & Hendrickson

Elder Davis and Darlene Kearley

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letter recieved 6/9/10


Whats up? So that is cool that you had Stake Conference. We had that as well.It covered all of Canada and Elder Ballard, Elder Pace, and President Uchtdorf spoke it was awesome. They all did a really good job.It was really cool I have never seen that before they covered the entire country.
That is cool to hear that you got a letter from Sister Simpson she is a great lady and one of my favorite people to talk to out here.
That is funny that Jeff(Payne) is down. He sure does come down a lot he should just move back its clear he can't handle being gone from here.
Its crazy how fast time is flying out here,yesterday was my 11 month mark isn't that crazy. Its so surreal and I have never been doing something in which time literally just slips away like it does here.
The reason I am sitting like that is I was making fun of a Elder who always sits like that it is one of the funniest things to watch him do it. Plus apparently that is the proper way to sit I don't know, it is definitely a little girly!

This week has been a lot of fun just mostly spent it knocking. We were able to meet a lady named Trina who at first wasn't to interested but as we kept talking to her she started to wind up to be more willing to listen to us. So she was really cool and she has a pretty cool family. Its one of the funner things from knocking is meeting new people and be able to talk to them. Its interesting most of the time they really have no idea how much, One the gospel can help them and really how similar it is to the believes they already have. But nothing else really has changed were still working with Brandon and he is doing well. I really like the guy. He is a good kid and since there wedding date has really started to listen to the lessons with more interest. But I got everything you sent this week. Thanks a lot for everything I love ya tons. Congrats on the job.



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

letter recieved 6/2/10


Whats up so this week was good. Nothing to crazy has happened just mostly been knocking and fun stuff like that.Lets see yesterday we got soaking wet. Elder Hendricksen was funny to watch during the rain. Poor kid sometimes the weather just sucks here. He just kept going only four more weeks and I am done haha. Things are going good here for me. Yesterday we had interviews with President. That was pretty funny I walk in and he goes you have any concerns I told him no not that I can think of. He goes well I don't have any concerns to address with you either so just keep being happy and work hard and then gives me a hug at the end. Walk out and Hendricksen goes in and talks to him for 15 minutes. I was like wow what are they discussing. So we get out and I ask Hendricksen what did you talk about. Oh well we talked about President Monsons health. If President Monson actually signs all the call letters and ministerial certificates (which by the way I washed mine woops haha). So it was funny to listen to,they seemed to have quite the interview.

But as far as the new investigator, (the man from Korea) So he did go to the right ward after all. So we turned them back over to the Dartmouth Elders which was like oh man. At the same time it was OK right. Because we also learned that night that this one investigator who was once on baptismal date, But dropped it mostly because he was married. Is getting married in August so I am way pumped. So we are going over to teach them Friday. It will be nice because now we can actually work with him and already he has shown more interest then before. Before his girlfriend Savannah who is a member would always set up the appointments,If needed call and cancel.Now he has taken the initiative to call us and set up appointments and what not. So I am pretty excited to see how this turns out. I am sure everything will work out. But that is it for now nothing to new or exciting going just trying to find people teach and keep myself busy. Love ya tons.