Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Letter recieved 6/9/10


Whats up? So that is cool that you had Stake Conference. We had that as well.It covered all of Canada and Elder Ballard, Elder Pace, and President Uchtdorf spoke it was awesome. They all did a really good job.It was really cool I have never seen that before they covered the entire country.
That is cool to hear that you got a letter from Sister Simpson she is a great lady and one of my favorite people to talk to out here.
That is funny that Jeff(Payne) is down. He sure does come down a lot he should just move back its clear he can't handle being gone from here.
Its crazy how fast time is flying out here,yesterday was my 11 month mark isn't that crazy. Its so surreal and I have never been doing something in which time literally just slips away like it does here.
The reason I am sitting like that is I was making fun of a Elder who always sits like that it is one of the funniest things to watch him do it. Plus apparently that is the proper way to sit I don't know, it is definitely a little girly!

This week has been a lot of fun just mostly spent it knocking. We were able to meet a lady named Trina who at first wasn't to interested but as we kept talking to her she started to wind up to be more willing to listen to us. So she was really cool and she has a pretty cool family. Its one of the funner things from knocking is meeting new people and be able to talk to them. Its interesting most of the time they really have no idea how much, One the gospel can help them and really how similar it is to the believes they already have. But nothing else really has changed were still working with Brandon and he is doing well. I really like the guy. He is a good kid and since there wedding date has really started to listen to the lessons with more interest. But I got everything you sent this week. Thanks a lot for everything I love ya tons. Congrats on the job.



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