Thursday, June 24, 2010

letter received 6/23/10


So camp sounded like a lot of fun. President Salmon was always a funny guy I am glad to hear that everyone had fun and there was a lot of laughs. As far as carrying the finger around in his pocket that is just gross. I am sure that it makes for a great object lesson.

You asked how Elder Hendriksen was doing and he is really well. He is a funny kid he hasn't done anything to crazy lately or maybe I am just used to him being crazy all the time. The work is going good we are working a lot and have recently dropped a couple of investigators. Which stinks but its something that has to happen after a while they just don't want to commit and then you just waste your time there.
Here is the weekly funny. So the other day we were on the bus, And this kid is on there and we can say he is kind of socially retarded. He is sitting there talking to people and a young couple get on the bus and he says "so you glad you have a kid". You must be I mean otherwise to bad its here. So they go yeah we like him. After a while they get on the subject of what school they went to. He said that he was called a "rare"there because he was the only one that didn't drink smoke or do drugs and sleep with a girl every 5 minutes. He goes but I don't like to be called "rare" I prefer the word "descent" ,And then it dawns on him he just slammed the guy he was talking to so he backtracks and says not to say your not descent just I mean you could of made better choices. Your a good guy though. I was laughing so hard in the back of the bus and to this day swear there was a hidden camera.

So this week Elder Pieper of the Seventy came to the mission.He taught us in Zone Conference and it was awesome he is an awesome guy. He basically asked everyone in the room if they had any questions. So he got a bout 6 questions. Then spent the next 3 hours answering every question. So it was amazing he brought up a lot of good points that I think we were all doing but he showed us how to do it in a better way.
Afterwards I was sitting there and Elder Willis is giving me a hard time for wearing this white tie I have with grayish stripes. Really nice tie. I was telling Elder Willis how much President liked the tie and saying all these other things which were lies. Then I hear Elder Davis could you come here real fast.I Turn around it was President I was like crap I knew that the tie was a risky move. Well I start walking with him and he goes if you could step out here real fast Elder Pieper wants to interview you. So yes now I am definitely pooping my pants. So I get in the interview and it was really nice we just talked about where I am from what I did for work back at home, how long I have been out, what I think is the hardest part of missionary work, and how do I want to finish my mission. Then in the end I got a hug from the guy. So you can now say your son has hugged a general authority. I kinda feel like a big deal even though others were interviewed and hugged still feel like a big deal. But that is all for this week love ya tons thanks for the letter.


Elder Davis.

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