Wednesday, June 2, 2010

letter recieved 6/2/10


Whats up so this week was good. Nothing to crazy has happened just mostly been knocking and fun stuff like that.Lets see yesterday we got soaking wet. Elder Hendricksen was funny to watch during the rain. Poor kid sometimes the weather just sucks here. He just kept going only four more weeks and I am done haha. Things are going good here for me. Yesterday we had interviews with President. That was pretty funny I walk in and he goes you have any concerns I told him no not that I can think of. He goes well I don't have any concerns to address with you either so just keep being happy and work hard and then gives me a hug at the end. Walk out and Hendricksen goes in and talks to him for 15 minutes. I was like wow what are they discussing. So we get out and I ask Hendricksen what did you talk about. Oh well we talked about President Monsons health. If President Monson actually signs all the call letters and ministerial certificates (which by the way I washed mine woops haha). So it was funny to listen to,they seemed to have quite the interview.

But as far as the new investigator, (the man from Korea) So he did go to the right ward after all. So we turned them back over to the Dartmouth Elders which was like oh man. At the same time it was OK right. Because we also learned that night that this one investigator who was once on baptismal date, But dropped it mostly because he was married. Is getting married in August so I am way pumped. So we are going over to teach them Friday. It will be nice because now we can actually work with him and already he has shown more interest then before. Before his girlfriend Savannah who is a member would always set up the appointments,If needed call and cancel.Now he has taken the initiative to call us and set up appointments and what not. So I am pretty excited to see how this turns out. I am sure everything will work out. But that is it for now nothing to new or exciting going just trying to find people teach and keep myself busy. Love ya tons.



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  1. I haven't been on Kyle's blog for a while and he sounds so good and very much like a missionary. He looks so mature! I know you are all proud of him. Way to be a great missionary Kyle!