Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letter Recieved 6/16/10


Whats up? So right now your in Girls Camp hahahaha!!
Things have been really good.I can tell you a funny story about the Head band right. So it was sitting there and I was complaining about how long my hair was and decided to just to put it on. Plus to be honest I did it to make people laugh. One time I I got a hold of those diamond things you put on your nails and will just say my face was decorated in them. I will have to get you more pictures. I have some of Peggy's Cove as well.
I wish you could of been there to see Elder Hendriksen climbing up the Moose it was so funny. But not as funny as him trying to figure out how to get down. We were laughing so hard he just kept yelling what do I do? How do I get down? It was so funny. So back to him and his feud with the Sisters. So every time we go to District Meeting he decides to wink at them and stuff like that right, so the other day all during sacrament they were staring at him. So he calls them and says Sister Billings no matter how attractive you might think I am you have to stop staring at me people are noticing and its just makes me feel really awkward. It was so funny she paused for a moment and then goes ha really why did you call? He goes no really that is why I called. Then she went quiet for like a good minute and goes is that it he said yes she goes well OK bye. They haven't talked to us or acknowledged us since Sunday it was so funny.

But this week I did a training on the Holy Ghost and linked it to the Liahona. So interestingly enough the Liahona was given to them to guide them through the wilderness and to food and also had messages that would appear on it. So when you go through how it worked. It only worked when they had faith, were diligent and took heed to things that was written. So with the Spirit it is a gift that we all obtain when were 8. But it is a gift that only works when we don't complain, we do everything we can to be better, and when we follow the counsel of our Prophets. So that was a fun training to prepare and something I figured I would share with you. Love ya tons mom.



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