Wednesday, May 26, 2010

letter recieved 5/26/10


Whats up?That is crazy that Clay and Justin are moving(cousins that he grew up with). What are they going to do? Do they know how many girls are going to be there? But that is good that they are going together it will make things a lot easier.

The Harrison's weren't home which was kind of crappy but it was a holiday here. It was Queen Moms birthday or something stupid like that.
For sure the new companion isn't like Elder Beus, But he is a funny kid a really good kid. Fortunately I really don't have to work to hard to light a fire. He told me he wanted me to help him finish strong and to push him so I have. So much that he started chafing and also got blisters on his feet. I couldn't stop laughing but at the same time, I really do feel bad for him. It doesn't help either the first week he gets here its one of the hottest weeks,now we both look like lobsters. Of course Nicholas makes a comment on that. Jerk!
Lets see there is some funnies so he(Elder Hendrickson) loves to give the sisters in our district a hard time. One of them wore a hoodie the other day and President banned hoodies so he calls her out on the phone that night.They both tried to argue both sisters that is. Elder Hendricksen fires off look don't explain yourself to me just take it up with the Lord. I was laughing so hard. So the next question is from a sister named Sister Billings she says, Elder Hendricksen do you have a girl waiting for you back at home? His response is why Sister Billings you want in on the action? When we told this to Stowell,Hendricksen said that clearly Sister Billings was coming on to him. Well it ended with them saying you need to learn how to respect women and hanging up I loved it of course. The next day they call again and he answers cause I don't want to talk to them. Cole Harbour Morgue how can I help you? Yeah they didn't like it. Then the last time they called he answers Celestial Kingdom why the Hell aren't you here? I thought it was the funniest thing ever. So that is it on funnies.

Now more for the serious stuff. So this week we were knocking and had no luck at all. We go to church and I am like it would be awesome to have a investigator here. Well towards the end Elder Stowell and Nicholas come pull us out.They introduce to a guy from Korea who attended all 3 hours of church and happens to live in our area I was like now way but also felt really grateful for the whole thing. So we are going to go teach him tomorrow. I am pretty pumped especially since when he introduced himself in the other ward I guess he said that he is planning on coming back from now on. So it will be awesome to be able to teach him.I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have had that happen. So that is definitely a true testimony to me that prayers are heard and sometimes it takes a little while for it to happen. But anyways thanks for everything love ya tons.

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