Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letter to Dad Recieved 5/26/10


How is everything going? That is so awesome to hear that you got the job. Even funnier that they are going to send you to California how awesome is that. At least you will be able to be confident in your skills and not have to worry about rolling up on some situation you have no idea what to do.
Its funny how the Lord a lot of the times likes to bring us to the point where we are spending more time on our knees then we are standing. Its something I realized a lot on my mission I feel like at times I go through the Nephite Pride cycle where the Lord is blessing me and I get confident in my own skills versus being grateful and relying on the Lord. Then something bad seems to happen and you just have a crappy week sometimes even a crappy set of weeks. Which really makes things hard. Then you start to begin to humble yourself, And turn more to the Lord and you begin to do anything and everything with in your power to get a investigator. In a miraculous way the Lord provides. Only after he has seen your willingness to be humble and turn to him and rely completely on him. Then putting forth the faith and going and doing which the doing part at times is the hardest. Its the way things always seem to work for me anyways.
But have fun working at a job you enjoy I am glad to see that you are excited again. Thanks for everything. Love Kyle.

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