Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Letter Recieved 5/19/10


Whats up? Well nothing to new is happening other then Elder Beus is leaving which stinks pretty bad. I am staying here another transfer and getting Elder Hendricksen who is going home after this transfer. So its just crazy I will be able to stay here longer then 6 months.
When do the Lakers, Suns play? Is Jake talking a lot of crap?

Other then that me and Beus are upset but we knew it was going to happen it was time for him to go.
That is cool that Vanderdoes talked to you did you tell him when my P day was?

Oh and get this the last week I talked to a lady from Colorado it was so funny she called and I was like what the crap who is this, we talked about how she was wanting to move to either Cole Harbour or Sackville. So since I served in both I of course recommend Cole Harbour I like it a lot better here, I think the ward is better.

The highlight of the week though was Kelly's baptism it was awesome to go to. It was funny she showed up late and almost backed out it was good though she at least knew the seriousness of the commitment.Oh yeah get this we went to The Harrison's household it was way awesome to go over and talk to them. They expressed there love for us and said he can't understand certain things but that he wanted to make sure he didn't hurt us and also that we will always be loved by their family. So little does he know we will still stop by and help him wrap his mind around those certain things. Ha ha. But it will be good it was good to finally get a hold of them and talk to them.

But love ya tons tell dad best of luck with everything.

Love Kyle

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