Wednesday, April 7, 2010

letter recieved 4-7-10


Whats up? The shirts fit great. The training was awesome and I walked away knowing a bunch it was crazy. It was one crazy training. It was all about how to be better planners and also how to be better commiters. It was spiritual and it was a great learning time for everyone there.

I think that is so awesome that Keaton ate the wing and licked it clean. Way to go buddy show them all who is boss.
I am excited for the Beebes its sad for sure I will greatly miss them. But on the plus they are getting sealed and headquarters are in Phoenix so when goes higher and he will. He will just wind up back in Arizona.

But some good news. Me and Elder Beus are going to be together another transfer. Which is awesome, And we are both excited for that. Wednesday night President left us thinking possibly one of us was leaving, He definetly had us going. The night we went out with President was awesome. We took him teaching and he complimented us on that. And then when we went home, He taught us how to be better planners not just schedulers. So it was an awesome night.

Next news which is the great news. Well we went to Scott and Lisa's Thursday night and if you remember we were going to commit them. So we come to the lesson when we are going to do it. Jenny there 9 year old goes, Hey we made you cake You want some? Well it just never went the same, And we walked away sad. Then we go back Monday and the whole family came to the Sunday session of conference.We took Bishop Pilling and his wife. We then asked them how they felt about conference Lisa said it felt like a wave hit me. So we told her what that wave was. Next question is how do you feel about our message. Scott answers and says its funny because around the time me and Lisa decide we need to find a church to take our kids to. You guys come knocking on our door, And you tell us go to church. He said that he believes it to be a gift from God, And that it wasn't a fluke.
So we go on to tell them. That they are right it was a gift, And then we commit them. It got akwardly quite for 20-30 seconds. Then Tommy ask a off topic question to Bishop, And next thing we know Lisa is crying.She said we would love for them to be baptized. So we then explained that it was for the whole family not just the kids. We put the date for April 26th and they are right now praying to make sure that is right for them. So we are so excited for what the Lord has given us. We truly as you see did nothing to get them here. But anyways I just wanted to tell you that. Thanks for your prayers and love.
I love you tons.
Elder Davis.
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