Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter recieved 4/14/10


Hey how is everything going it sounds like everything is a lot of fun.
That is to funny about Garin driving around and honking at people. I remember one time he was driving and with me and Devon. And he would go by people and like act like he was going to pass them so they would speed up. But just a head was a cop and they would always hit there breaks. He thought it was the funniest thing ever. The other time is when we were in our old house me and Garin went to his house. And when we came back he was racing these young kids. So Garin said when we passed them hey give them thumbs up. So I turned and did it and they flipped me off. I don't know if maybe he helped with that reaction or what but it is always a treat to drive with him.

That is to funny that Brexton starts off coming in the house and saying that. You should of taken pictures of him and the bunny. I think one of the things after hanging out with the family I will have to take him to wal mart. That kid has always made me laugh. What does Nixin look like now? But I am glad you were at least able to help out the Beebe's. Its funny how Satan works like that always trying to stop progress's. I have seen that in this week.

Which brings me to the sad news. Scott and Lisa are not on baptismal date anymore. They asked for us to slow down and give them some space. Scott used to be a Free Mason and Satan always getting in the way of progress. Put into his mind to go look up Joseph Smith in this old Free Mason book he had. And now he is questioning Joseph Smith due to he feels that he stole the Temple Ceremony from them. And stuff like that. Its been a hard and trying week. But I know things will be fine. We have prayed and fasted, And things will work out. Right now its just a trial of mine and Elder Beus's faith,As well as Scott. Scott has a lot of potential to be a great leader in the church here. Everyone that meets him says he will be a bishop. So Satan has truly put up a good fight. But light always conquers. Nothing to new or funny has happened this week.

I love ya tons all of you. Mom you have always been a great example to me. I love ya thanks for everything Kyle.

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