Wednesday, April 7, 2010

letter recieved 4-7-10

Beebe family,

I am so excited for you guys to go through the temple. I can't believe its already time for that. I know I say it a lot but time is flying by. But I was a little sad that you guys are moving. I must admit. But I know that things will work out and it is for the best. You need to always make sure to take care of yourself. And you know Doug is probably needed up there. Not just for work but for the work of the Lord. I will not be surprised. If he goes bishop or Ward Mission Leader soon. Anyways I wish you guys the best. I am glad to hear that you will be at the Airport(when he gets home) that will be awesome to see you guys. But take pictures of the house and stuff.

But yes the family is doing great(the family they have been teaching). Go to the blog and you will read some great news I am super excited for them.
As to being hard on myself, Its true I need to quit it. My Mission President told me that. I think sometimes in the mission you can't help but be saddened when some doesn't want to talk to you. Its hard and you want the best for them but in the end its there choice. One of the great and first gifts we were given was agency. I learned that my sorrow must be nothing compared to the sorrow of our Heavenly Father. The love he has for us and he askes such simple things of us. When we choose not to listen, It must deeply hurt him. But anyways I must be short. And I apologize. Its transfers today, And I opened up my email account to see 23 letters which is nice. But yikes for writing back!
I love ya guys tons. And feel blessed to have known you and see all that you guys have done. Take care.


Elder Davis.

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