Wednesday, March 31, 2010

letter recieved 3-31-10


Hey whats up? I am so glad to hear you guys are having a lot fun together as a family.
I knew Keaton would do a good job. I am bummed I missed it, But hey that means I will have to look forward to some of his others when I get home.
I am still laugh in at Jake. He is a funny guy. I tell Elder Beus stories about how crazy he was while were walking.
Thanks for the compliment I am enjoying myself here in Cole Harbour things are really looking good and we have been really blessed.

Lets see crazy updates well first off it all started with a call during weekly planning session. Elder Nicholas goes Elder Davis, Elder Beus you are invited to the leadership training this Friday, So see ya at ten. Anyways two guys from Salt Lake are coming to teach us how to be better leaders I am assuming not to sure. Then a couple of minutes go by.The AP's call again, he says put me on speaker again. Well I said there was no point cause Elder Beus was on the crapper. So he then goes you want the bad news or good news. I told him bad ,He goes alright well President is coming out with you Wednesday at 6-9:30 so have lessons ready and he is going to evaluate you. I was like great. I then said what is the good news, He goes well President is going with you Wednesday, it has to be better then going with one of the guys from Salt Lake. Haha the Aps and Zone leaders are going each with one of the guys from Salt Lake. So Friday is going to be super crazy.

But other then that. The new stuff is that Scott and Lisa came to church and they loved it. They are doing really well. We were hoping to take President there but it didn't work out that way. But we are going back tomorrow and we are going to extend the baptismal commitment so I am way nervous about that it will be my first time. Also we got a 3 member referrals so things are starting to pick up here. And we are truly receiving a lot of blessings. I hope things continue to go well for you guys back at home.

I love ya guys tons. Mom thanks for always sticking by me and making me go to church and do what I needed to do. I know if you weren't there I wouldn't be here today. I probably would be who knows where. I love ya tons.



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