Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter recieved 3/24/10


This week was really good we weren't able to go visit Scott and Lisa on Thursday something came up with work. So it was to bad but they still came to Ben's baptism. I told you about Ben before and the Bruce family. They are a cool family that are super missionary minded. At the baptism they invited 30 nonmembers it was so crazy. The baptism had like a 100 people there.
Poor Elder Beus had to get up and sing in front of everyone, But he did good. He was also the one who baptized him. We get there and I go Elder Beus where is your extra garments, And he was like Dude you didn't tell me I needed some. Haha so he had to wear the same pair wet. It was so funny, But the spirit was very strong while there.

They are quite the talented family. All of them can sing, And Amelia plays the flute.Hannah plays the violin so they had a couple of musical numbers which made it nice. My favorite part of the baptism is when Hannah gets up to sing a song with another girl and right towards the end she just started laughing. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.
But it was a great experience. Scott and Lisa and their kids really enjoyed the baptism. We took the bishop over the other night and they really got along with him. All though its no surprise he is head of the seminary program here. And is a great teacher. But other then that nothing to knew here. Still finding a lot and still enjoying serving with each other.

I am going to email you some pictures make sure to pull all of them up. Anyways love ya tons thanks for everything
Elder Davis.

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