Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letter recieved 3/17/2010


Hey that is good to see that things worked out. I am glad you were blessed and taken care of during that whole thing.

What is Nate's email or mailing address?

But lets see this week was pretty fun. We were able to go and teach Scott and Lisa sadly enough they hadn't prayed yet about Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. But they did start praying as a family and that night their daughter Jenny she is 9 years old said the closing prayer. So we went back Monday and taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation and they didn't pray but we committed them to praying again and coming to a Baptism, Since Lisa had to work during church. We haven't been able to get a hold of the Abi Daoud family yet so that is a bummer. But we will get back in and teach them. So things are going good right now for me and Elder Beus the Lord is really showing forth his blessings in both parts for us and the work and as well.

We had our Zone Conference this week. And President did an amazing job as usual. It was spiritual and he taught us the importance of relying on the spirit. It was truly an amazing experience. The coolest part was he at one point said the Lord cares for you, he knows you and loves you, there is nothing you have done not to deserve his blessings, so get out there put the past behind you work and watch the blessings come from it. Then another moment where he showed how much he loved us he started to cry really hard,and said I am glad this winter is over because now I will no longer be saddened and worry about you in the cold weather and having doors shut in your faces and feeling cold and alone. It was an amazing experience for sure.

But now of course time for the funnies of Zone Conference. We will start with I was asked to lead the Zone in Our Purpose and Doctrine and Covenants 4. Well I am about done with Doctrine and Covenants and all of a sudden I hear President yell Alright stop and he puts his arm around me and begins to teach us about being connected to our purpose. If only you could seen my face. So I am like crap what the heck. I go up during our break and talk to Elder Nicholas and he goes out of the five I have been to that is the first time he did that. I was like what was it cause I was like what did I say wrong. I didn't see him winking at Beus. He was like no I am lying he did that in all five. So then the Aps get up and give their training, And they go alright were going to play a game show.Our first contestant is Elder Davis. So I get up and he goes no no sit down. So he then he tells everyone come on your the crowd your supposed to cheer him on. Elder Davis you need to be enthused you have been trying out for months. So I did my part ran up excited, And they then proceed to ask me if I have made a Pb and j so I admitted my mom made most of them for me but I can make one. So they then blind fold me and spin me around a couple of times.Then I begin making it and looked rather foolish and well I finish and they go you comfortable with it? I admitted not really. So they then say well alright who do you trust. So I say Elder Beus and they go Elder Beus should he eat it? He goes probably not. So I get unblindfolded and they replaced the jelly with mayonaise. But there was a good lesson connected to it, and again I was like Nicholas you owe me.

But that is for now. Thanks for the sacrifices you make back at home.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis.

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