Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letter recieved 3/3/10


So let me start this letter off with a funny story. Well it all starts with me and Elder Beus walking to go knock when all of a sudden we hear a girl yell hey nice ties. We were like oh thanks keep going. Then another yells how old are you? So Elder Beus goes 20 why? She goes oh just wondering so we start talking to them. And at first they didn't realize that we were missionaries. So they all of a sudden read our name tag and are like oh crap I feel bad we were going to ask for your number. Hahhaha! So it doesn't stop there then they ask us about what we are teaching.We start teaching them and they say, Hey are you guys married. We were like no! So we continue and next thing we know we get invited to go clubbing. I was like Elder Beus you got to stop attracting the ladies. Its ridiculous they don't even want to talk to us they just want you to go clubbing with them.

So other then that this week was good. We went to Scott's unfortunately he wasn't home but we met his wife. And she kindly let us in. And apologized for him not being there. She then set up a appointment with us and gave us there number. So its like sweet now the whole family is involved so even though we didn't get to teach them we got to know more about them. And invite her to learn next week as well. So I am really excited for next week. We also met another lady named Nicole on Monday who has a son and has another one on the way. So I am excited for that. But other then that we will continue to work and try and find more people.

But I actually got a letter from Heather the other day I was glad to hear from her and see she finally found a job. Tell Adam I said congrats as well as Emily. But I must say I think its funny that I am haunting his dreams. It must mean that I am still waiting for that visit up here he was telling me about.

But tell Ans I love the whole comment about her teacher it just wouldn't be her if she didn't speak her mind, and if the shoe fits it must be true. Remember the time I told Cameron Brown the family secret that took place every Sunday?( going with his grandma to get a pop at 7-11 after church). I am impressed that Heath knows that someone living near him means they are in his ward,and I am sure it would be alright for him to take Daisy to church sometime.( Heath got a dog and he told everyone she is in his ward now)

Anyways thanks for the letter and love talk to ya next week.


Elder Davis.
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