Wednesday, March 31, 2010

letter recieved 3-31-10


Thanks for the letter. Your faith is strong continue to trust in the Lord. Its interesting something kind of like your job situation, happened out here on my mission.
On my mission the first 7 months I felt like I was wasting time and money. We had no investigators that were going anywhere in Sackville. I came to Cole Harbour and the same thing seemed to be happening. I remember at night crying because I was so upset, It was hard. I remember pleading with the Lord to help us get investigators. Then we got two new ones that looked really solid. The first one dropped us Sunday it was hard but I thought hey we got another.
We go Monday and her husband dropped us hardcore. I was upset and I was mentally drained as well spiritually. I was discouraged and was even doubt full of most things. In my mind I kept thinking of the training I gave that day. I knew I couldn't just walk home to waste time. We had to knock, I didn't want to at all but I knew I needed to. Me and Elder Beus decided to turn around and knock a street. The first door we knock into is Scott and Lisa they have progressed further then anyone I have ever taught including in the mtc.
Haha, but I know the Lord listen and things sometimes get worse before they get better. Its all a big trial of our faith. I know your hanging in you always have. Just continue to set the example for us I love ya tons and appreciate everything. Love Kyle.

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