Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter Recieved 3-10-10


So this week was really cool. Unfortunately I can't report any new stories about us getting offered to go to the club but oh well. These ones are a lot more worth while.
But first Maggie is 6 no way that is so crazy.I still think that is so funny that they have the dog now to funny, what was Heath saying about the car. The other day it was out there again and me and Elder Beus were tempted to just steal but we used our better judgement.
Tell Ans not going to lie the Trek sucked, I mean pushing a cart around not my thing. But its spiritual and makes you appreciate a lot of things. So even though its not fun she will love it and enjoy it if she allows herself to. The first day out there was a waste for me cause I was just mad and being rude. So don't do that and everything will be a blast.

But first family remember how I told you a little ago about a guy named Scott? Well we went by his house and he wasn't but his wife was she let us and introduced to the kids.We got their number and set up another appointment. So we went Monday, And had a great lesson with the whole family. They are a humble family,And we were extremely greatfull that the Lord led us to this family and trusted us with them. So we are going to go next week and teach them the rest of the Restoration, And get them out to church. But the spirit was strong in the first lesson and they asked all the right questions. Of which we had the answers for. So I am super excited to go teach them again Thursday.

Second is me and Elder Beus went knocking with our Ward Mission Leader Brother Podezwa and he is a door to door salesman in the summer. He basically invited himself to go knocking with us. So we went and he was like our goal is in the next hour get in a door and teach a family.So we were all trying hard at the doors to get in, at a door I was up and was like Hey were representatives from the Church of Jesus Christ.The mother invited us in,We were able to teach them as well. We can't get back in till Spring Break but it was still a moment you felt like you were on Cloud 9 so all the stories show how the Lord has really blessed me and Elder Beus this week. So things are looking good we have a lot to be thank full for and a lot more work to do.

But other then that nothing to crazy going on right now. Just working and tyring to figure out what the Lord would want us to do. But anyways love ya tons.

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