Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Letter to Grandpa Smith 2/24/10


Thanks for your letter. If someone was to ask me the thing that I noticed about Canadians versus Americans I would say it is the fact that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. When your walking down the street you will at least get a hello even though it may be followed with boy got my own faith but didn't want to be rude hahaha. I love it. But its so funny to give members a hard time about the States beating them in hockey. Me and Elder Beus got brownies and Chocolate Chip cookies out of it.
I agree I miss grandma quite a bit as well. Its interesting you bring her up something very interesting happened at church. A guy was talking about the hymn Because I have been give much helped him out a lot. I thought about how grandma loved that song as well. He then told a story about a lady dieing. She called her bishop over to talk to her. She asked him how will he recognize me. The man then said show him your hands. I think we all know grandma was the hardest working lady we have ever known or might know as well. She gave service no matter how hard or how inconvenient for her. I am so glad I was blessed to have been around grandma and learned from her she was an amazing example to me. My mission has brought the most amazing experiences in my life. Some I will never forget but since my mission I have felt closer to grandma then I have in a very long time. Obedience is the key one of the last things Nephi said was "I must obey". Those are three words are something I am trying to apply. Its simple but yet so important we must always obey no matter how uncomfortable it makes us or how much we hate doing it. We must obey and from there the Lord will bless more then we can measure. I am grateful and will always be for the Lord returning me back to his fold and then allowing me to have this privilege to serve him for these 2 years in my life. I love ya tons Grandpa. Its funny Elder Beus goes you know so much how do you know these things. I then always say for hours my grandpa use to sit and teach me. So thank you so much I owe a lot to you. Take care and talk to you next week.

Love your Grandson.

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