Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Letter recieved 2/2/10

Hey Mom,

Well this last week was a bit boring. We got to escape the cold which is always nice, Elder Beus is suffering pretty bad with a bad sinus infection. He went to the doctor last night and got some prescriptions. So hopefully he will continue to get better. I felt bad I was working him pretty good, And he was pretty out of it. So this week we havent had to much time tractin we have been in doors since Saturday. So I think we both our going a little crazy. You can only listen to so many talks and read so much before you feel like your going to die. I feel bad for him you can see it in his face that he is feeling crappy.
But grandpa was telling me about the service project that is way cool. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves you took pictures right? But I forgot my camera again. So no new pictures all though I don't really have very many!
But as far as light ties. Be careful with those because President got up and reminded us that we need to have conservative colored ties. So don't go to light or to extreme.Right now I am good with ties so no worries.
This letter is going to be short mostly because nothing to exciting has happened. I have been reading a lot lately and have come across a scripture I like a lot its in 1 Nephi 21:16. It talks about how Christ has engraven thee or us upon the palms of his hand. What stood out is this is coming from Isaiah who we know was before Christ came to this earth. The love he had and the fact that he prepared from the beginning to do this amazes me. And I often feel bad for not always appreciating and using the atonement enough in my life. So my challenge is remember it and study it more and then learn to apply it more fully in your life. It was done out of love and is given out of love.


Elder Davis.

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