Monday, March 7, 2011

letter recieved 3-7-11


What is up? So today was an interesting start. Well lets just say Jarvis clogged the toilet and for some odd reason doesn't know how to use a toilet plunger and I had to go fix it I was well upset to say the least. But oh well life goes on. Another funny of the week me convincing him that if he does sit ups his back problems will go away as well as the baby in his stomach. So he goes your right dude I need to exercise I am committing to a hundred a day I was like wow that is alot man are you sure? He goes oh yeah so I jump in the shower come out to him sprawled on the floor as if he is dead. So I go Elder you ok he goes dude so when I hit 10 my body said no more. 20 oh boy. 30 yikes. 40 really? 50 I am close to dieing. 60 my vision gets cloudy. 70 things are getting really cloudy. 80 have to use my arms to get me up. 90 well I just had to break after that. Hahahah I was laughing so hard needless to say it took him a while to get up. Sometimes the kid can just say some of the funniest things.

But on a serious note! Good news we have a baptism coming up. Its so awesome so Friday we were at the bishops the day was long and well just knocking a lot. And really I was getting tired of this. Then a call comes and the bishop goes oh that is wonderful I will tell the missionaries now. So he tells us that Brother Greenlaw who is a members husband wants to be baptized. So we went over and taught him and extended the commitment and he said yes so he is getting baptized April 9th. He is an awesome person. But is a sad story as well. He and his wife both have cancer and they realize thinks aren't getting better. And they don't want to be separated. They told me we spent 50 years together that to much to just throw away with death. So they are doing this so they can be sealed together. Its so sad and awesome at the same time. I am super grateful though it taught me a lot more or less it added to my testimony of the importance of family. I am glad that you and dad always made sure to teach the importance of family and always made sure we relied and spent time with each other. One of the saddest things I see daily is families who really aren't families. I love ya guys thanks for always raising me knowing in the end I will always have my family.

Love ya,


P.s. dad congrats on the new job that is awesome!

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