Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter recieved 3-21-11


What is up? So everything here is going really well. Lets start with the fact that its been raining like crazy here. Which always stinks because well as I mentioned I don't like rain. So recently I realized that my jacket would always get drenched then my entire body would be drenched in rain. So then I read and realized that is because my jacket is just water resistant so I realized after going to a store that there is water proof jackets. So I bought and it really has helped a lot I mean I am not getting wet anymore. Well at least my upper body. My shoes have kind of fallen apart so after about 4 hours in it my shoes get wet. But that is easier to deal with then your whole upper body being drenched and feeling gross.
So then Thursday comes and Elder Jarvis needed to call Sister Simpson and she goes well we will see you tomorrow. So I am like that is a far drive for President to make just to come to our Weekly Planning Session. So I decide to call the Zone Leaders and then tell me don't you know that Zone Conference is tomorrow. So we found out that super duper late glad we called otherwise we would of missed out on it and then missed out on some good funny moments. So the funny moment is me explaining the Ladder Syndrome and we used two examples the Mission Ladder and Real Life ladder and at the top of the real life one is prophet, And so he is talking to me and goes Elder Davis do you think you will ever be a prophet. I was like um most likely not. He goes well Elder Davis I don't want to burst your bubble but your probably not going to be a prophet. Not to be mean its just the odds are pretty slim. Now I was kind of thinking is this still cause of the Red Bull thing? Nah I am kidding we all good laugh and it was funny to watch President give the odds of it and stuff. So overall Zone Conference was good and the week had a lot of laughs.

So on a serious note Zone Conference was awesome President and Sister Simpson gave some great doctrinal training. Sister Simpson touched on Shiblon who was the son of Alma who went on the mission to the Zoramites and was faithful and diligent. She talked about how we should strive to have his same qualities so that we can have the same blessing he did and please other Father in Heaven like him. Then President talked a lot about integrity, And how having integrity on the mission will carry over to having integrity back at home. It was pretty good and then the Zone Leaders and Assistants talked about getting your investigators to church so overall it was really well done. Glad I was able to attend.
But this week we in class we talked about when Peter walked on water. Its an awesome scripture one the fact that Peter could muster the faith to do it, And then the part I like is he lost the faith and began to drown. Which is amazing. Because it shows me that one even though he walked daily with Savior he still had weaknesses and two my favorite part he says "Lord save me." And then it says immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand. It is amazing to me that truly the Savior will watch us struggle and try to get things on our own. But the minute we surrender our will to his and show humility and ask his help or ask for him to save us. You feel his presence you feel the burden be lifted and a sense of peace and safety. I am grateful for the Atonement and what it does for me and how it has helped me in my life. I do know that the minute I lower my pride and ask the Lord for help it is there. Satan has us convinced we either don't deserve the help or its better for us to not tell. Both are boggus. I have had both of those of the thought many a times. My advice is recognize the stupidity of it. Turn to the Savior in all you do and you will fine greater peace, happiness and safety in your life. I will end for now though.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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