Monday, March 14, 2011

Big Shout Out to President Simpson !


So everything this week has been really good. We started off with going to district meeting which was just crazy. So it rained a lot on Monday and so Tuesday we come out and we were frozen in place. So if that is not bad enough we ran out of washer fluid. So driving to district meeting was pretty crazy. Lets just say the Lord blessed us with a lot of Semis driving by and splashing water on the windshield so we could then clean it.
Then Elder Jarvis was telling Elder Rogers that his lower stomach hurt. So Elder Rogers told him it could possibly be a hernia and that his intestines could fall out he could die in two minutes. So then poor Elder Jarvis thought for sure he was in trouble. So he called Sister Simpson and she told him it was probably just him straining his muscles since he started doing all those sit up and everything. He felt a lot better after that.
So we went on the rest of the week and continued to work in the annoying rain. President always says that to find success when knocking it starts with your attitude. And for the most part I am a pretty positive person or at least I think I am. Well then rain comes and well I just got quite because I can't really find anything nice to say. And sure enough those are my least productive days. He really is pretty prophetic.
Speaking of President. So last night I am getting numbers from the Sisters and I was getting ready to hang up and they go oh yeah Elder Davis President said to tell you that reads your blog. So everyone else that reads please welcome President Simpson. Hopefully he doesn't get upset for me writing this one. I don't blame him though I would want to keep tabs on me as well.

But a more serious note things with here have been going really well. Were still teaching Brother Greenlaw and he is doing well. I am amazed at his positive attitude. He always seems so up beat. Last week though we went there Monday and we ended the lesson soon you could tell he was in a lot of pain. Then we went back Saturday and he wasn't feeling very well. So it was really sad to see that. Hopefully things get better for him. So I was reading in Helaman 8: 14-15 so a quick catch up on this chapter. Nephi has just returned from teaching the people in the land North. Where he was rejected comes home to Zarahemla to find things not very good as well. So this leads to him praying and then chastising the people and the leaders. Which then goes to chapter 8 where he is teaching the corrupt judges. And particularly he is talking about Christ coming and how all the Prophets testified of him. And in 14-15 he says talking about Moses lifting the Brazen Serpent so shall the Son of Man be lifted. And that all that look on him shall live to that life which is eternal. Its interesting lets go to Moses so during this time there was some deadly serpents that were all around the people of Isreal and as long as they kept there eye on the Brazen Serpent they would live. In life there is more the same serpents that surround us. In recent events for me it was the Red Bull. But we cant be distracted by those things we must always keep our eyes on Christ. So my challenge is focus more on that which is important and don't pay attention to the serpents at your heels.

Love ya though,

Elder Davis.

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