Monday, March 28, 2011

Letter recieved 3-28-2011


So this week was good! It got pretty cold again which was super unexpected. Lets see last week Monday these members made us some Mexican food it was awesome. Of course all I did was talk about how much I love Mexican food and how this quite possibly made my entire day and may of made my week. Then we went on exchange Tuesday which was a lot of fun. The Zone Leaders are different in a lot of ways. You have Elder Van Meetren who is going home this transfer and Elder Hudson who has been out for 6 months and I was his first Zone Leader so it was cool to see how much he has grown. Other then that things here are going really well. The new funny is well taking Elder Jarvis's direction advice and him getting us lost and then instead of saying he didn't know where we are he just continued to sit in silence. Till I go Elder is this still the right way and he goes to be honest I don't know I actually realized a while ago I didn't know where we are. So it was awesome I was like are you serious. But other then that things have just been cold and really truthfully uneventful this week. Well there was also this incident when I said hello to a girl and she ended up tripping and falling I didn't laugh right away I helped her made sure she was alright and then when she got out of ear shot I am not going to lie I did laugh pretty hard. I mean there is nothing worse then falling in front of someone. It made me think of all the times that grandma fell.

So this week was fast Sunday and it was really good actually. There was a lot of awesome testimonies. Its one of the nice things about being in a small ward is the fact that well the people generally get up and bare some awesome testimonies. I mean especially since many of them are converts and are still new to the church. They don't use any of the Mormon lingo they don't use big terms just simple heart felt testimonies. But the Bishop got up and said something that on many occasions President has said. I think its just interesting to hear the same thing twice from different people. It was reassuring. But yet so simple its that The Lord doesn't expect us to be like others. Meaning we may think so and so may be a better Young Womens President or even maybe a better missionary for me. The comforting thing is that the Lord doesn't want us to compete he just wants us to be the best we can be, whether that the best Elder Kyle Davis, or the best Heatherlea Davis who is the Young Womens President. He only needs our will not our strengths and then when he has our will then from us he will produce miracles. So in closing the challenge is give to the Lord the only thing you can and that is submit your will to his will. Anyways I love ya and I will talk to ya next week.


Elder Davis.

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