Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter recieved 4-4-11


So this week was different for sure. It started with well normal then all of a sudden Elder Jarvis decided to well go to the hospital cause he thought he had a hernia. Well luckily we found out after five hours of sitting in the hospital that he just had a pulled groan muscle so everything went over well. Then we had interviews which is always fun get to talk to President and Sister Simpson. Of course my favorite activity is to always make Sister Simpson laugh as much as possible. I must say I think I did pretty good. Then the next day we went to take Elder Jarvis to the Dentist. Which was funny as well cause well I was probably more tense then he was. I just really hate the sounds of the drilling at dentist offices. So I don't know when I will ever get over my fear of the dentist office. It just gives me the creeps.

So other then that conference was awesome. A lot of good talks were given and a lot of funny things were said. But my favorite talk was the one on lessons from Pain. It is interesting that the one thing we hate going through the most and the thing we always try to avoid is the one thing that brings us closer to our Heavenly Father. It makes me think of Brother Greenlaw the gentlemen that is on date. Which update on him sorry its been forever we are going to push the date back since his wife is in the hospital so it won't be this week anymore. But as the talk was given I thought of him and how it was the cancer and seeing both him and his wife go through immense pain and discomfort. That brought him to the point of him being ready to hear the gospel message and accept. My favorite quote was from another talk and I don't have my notes with me. So unfortunately I can't remember names. But it went something like this we should be grateful that the Lord considers us worthwhile enough to come back for us and to help us return to his fold. I can't really say much to follow up what was said in conference other then to echo the words of President Monson in which he said regularly study the conference talks. And always be willing to change when needed. Finally the thing I like the most is that realize Our Father in Heaven loves us all and will always continue to love us.

Love ya tons,

Elder Davis.

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