Tuesday, April 26, 2011

letter recieved 4-26-11


How are you doing this week? So Charlottetown is a beautiful place. I am not even kidding the drive here over the bridge was amazing.
Elder Bailey is a good Elder makes me laugh in a lot of ways reminds me of how I was at first. We also found a common ground we both loved Rob and Big so we are thinking about putting together a sweet Rob and Big show for sure. There is an Elder in the district that is 6'7 which is just huge right so he is Big White instead of Big Black. Elder Bailey is Drama and Elder Unger and Howell well we don't know who they are they might be meaty and mini horse. And well as Rob Dyrdek its yours truly yeah its sick. So its going to a awesome activity for sure to put this cast together and hopefully get something funny going with it. But then the next cool event was Elder Golden of the Seventy came and toured the mission. And it was good he did awesome as they all usually do. But then it came time to taking a picture and this is a event that transpired. President goes Elder Davis I want you to kneel next to me and Sister Simpson (they were sitting in a chair) so I was like ok. So then everyone gave me a hard time cause I was so cool with it so my response was well who says no to your Mission President. So then they are all laughing and Elder Golden the Seventy goes actually Elder Davis I want you lay in front with your head propped up on your hand. So I was like I could do that,and President goes yeah careful he actually will do stuff like that. I was like thanks President for making me look like a goober in front of a Seventy lol. He knows me to well. But it gave me a laugh. And well made everyone else laugh so it was a good time and made the funny of the week.

As for Easter it looks like you guys had an awesome time. Easter was a mixture of things one you realize it is your last you are going home soon. So your terrified as to what that brings with it. As well as excited to see everyone. But really on the mission you realize what these holidays really mean. It made me think of the story the one we have all heard where a teacher gives out a empty plastic egg and ask the children to return with something that reminds them of Easter. So they all bring it back with various items all of which was funny little items. But then one who had down syndrome brought it back empty some of the kids laughed. The teacher thought he misunderstood. So she began to ask him questions. His response was but wasn't the tomb empty. He was the only one who really knew what Easter was. It is a simple story that when I read it hit me really hard. It was amazing the one who had society calls a disability was spiritually smarter then everyone there. He that day taught not just the teacher but his classmates what Easter is. And more importantly taught the hope of Easter. That because of this day everyone will live again. The story goes on though the child later on dies. Of what it doesn't say but at the funeral the his classmates all brought empty eggshells and placed it in his casket. All remembering that valuable lesson he not to long ago taught them. They had an understanding now that just as Christ tomb was empty soon enough there friends casket would be empty and he to would live again. I am not sure if this is a true story or not. But it is an amazing story. Easter is truly a time of hope. When you can realize that life may be hard and it may be bad. But we must remember that there is always hope because of this day. Anyways I love ya tons.

Love ya,

Elder Davis

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