Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letter recieved 4-19-11


So as you know before I even told you I am going to Charlottetown which is probably the most desired spot in the mission. It is the place where Anne of Green Gables was written, And to make things even better I am going there during there best season. The summer lol. I am excited to go there. I will miss this area. It will be hard to say goodbye to Brother Greenlaw. I know though he will do well and he will get baptized he is a great man and someone I will always look up to.
I will miss Elder Jarvis as well I can honestly say I don't know anyone that could do so many things that would have me sitting there thinking what the crap did you just do. And how did you do that? Poor Elder he is pretty upset but this is all so depressing. So we will go to some funnies. Me and Elder Jarvis the other day were sitting on a wall talking taking a break since we had been working for a while. And I look over and go hey Elder you got a bug on you. So he starts move his coat to look at it next thing I know he is up off the wall screams like a girl and has his coat off in like two seconds. Afterwards I am sitting there and I go wow I have never seen you move so fast in my life. His response I thought it was an earwig and they scare me. It was so funny to watch though,So it was definitely something I laughed at. Then he got sick so the other night I am sleeping and well we all know I use ear plugs and I hear this awful noise. So I am like what is that? Yeah Elder Jarvis was snoring so loud that well even the earplugs couldn't block the noise it was truly incredible I have no idea how the crap he snored so loud.

Well this week was a really good week. I had the other opportunity give a talk at church luckily it was a spur of the moment one and only had to take up 8 minutes. It was on what the Priesthood meant to me. I was thinking about it and remembered my first time passing I was so terrified. But the remembered passing to you and the family and seeing you guys smile and feeling at ease. Then I remember the time I first blessed the sacrament again terrified I think it was seven times I had to redo it was so embarrassed. But again I knew you guys didn't care if I messed up you were all still proud and happy for me. Then I realized that the Priesthood to me was something that one kept me in line it was protection realizing I could only have it if I was doing what I was supposed to. And two that it was to teach me that you don't have to be perfect. That this is the Power of God and my little imperfections will never limit it. That again he was simply allowing me to be apart of it so I needed to learn to have confidence in our Father in Heaven and watch him work the miracles. The Priesthood to me I guess is trust and love that he has shown to me. To the people I watched hold this and do it fantastically I thank especially dad he was always an example to me of someone who was worthy and lived of the privilege of having the Priesthood.
I love ya guys though its crazy I definitely didn't see this transfer coming but it will be good for me I am sure of that.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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  1. What an amazing missionary Elder Davis is and I love Anne of Green Gables it is so beautiful in the movie!