Monday, April 11, 2011

Letter recieved 4-11-11

95 Days


So yeah 95 day holy smokes your going to make me trunky which would not be good at all. So there has been some good high lights this week. One was President calling me and asking me to get the Folleys (new office couple) some Prozac. So I am sitting there thinking hm.. prozac isn't that a anti depressant. So I kind of in mind try to figure out how I am going to do this, And then he goes wait not Prozac that is an anti depressant so I go yeah I was going to say don't think I could do that for ya. So he laughs and goes I don't know what its called you just call them and ask what it is. So it ended up being Prilosec so it was close. But the humor of it all was pretty awesome. The next funny of the week was a kid just got ordained to the aaronic priesthood which gives only two young men and well no young women its crazy. But his dad ordains him and then tell him to shake the peoples hands well next thing I know he is going through the whole Priesthood body and his dad comes up and goes no no not everyone just the ones in the circle. So it was funny to watch that happen. Poor kid shouldn't laugh but it definitely did make me laugh.

As for Brother Greenlaw he is doing awesome as well. He is a great guy I have a lot respect for him. I think I told you this last week we moved his date since his wife is in the hospital. But he is a trooper even when he is sick he will meet with us. So he is doing well and things are going good for him still.

Anyways I was reading in Ether and the Brother of Jared is someone that teaches something awesome. We see him go to the Lord with two different problems both dealing with barges. First one is the fact he was worried about not being able to breathe in them and the Lord hearing this gave him the solution. The next was the fact that they wouldn't be able to see. So the Lord made him work for this one and said "What will ye that I should do that ye may have light in your vessels?" And the Brother of Jared repeats again the problem and the Lord repeats the question. So in this we learn later that he got the stones together. But in it we can learn a lot of lessons. The one I saw and liked was this when we inquire of the Lord he will sometimes give us the answer right away. But other times he will ask us a question that will make us think and grow. Just as the Brother of Jared did when we get a question back use the brain he gave you and figure it out and take it to the Lord if it wasn't the right thing try again with another. Till you get it right. Our Father in Heaven thoughts our highers than ours. It is awesome that he doesn't straightway give us solutions but often times makes us figure things out. Anyways I love ya tons.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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