Monday, May 2, 2011

Letter Recieved 5-2-11

Kyle Scott Davis to me
show details 8:21 AM (1 hour ago)


So everything is going really well here in Charlottetown minus I feel like crap. But its super funny there is a bunch of salesman here from Idaho and what not so they were talking to us. Pretty cool guys all young and recent return missionaries. So of course that always leads to good conversations. All of them would crack jokes about me going home soon.
Funny thing though so we went to the CES broadcast last night and it was just awkward I found myself thinking yeah singles ward will suck like everyone here is having a hard time introducing themselves. Like they get up and they were like struggling with two things to say. Its funny most always said where they served as one of the things about them. So then they made us introduce ourselves so to make it less awkward I said I was color blind it definitely got some good laughs and lightened things up. I don't know but I am not sure about the whole singles ward
thing it just seems weird. Especially sitting and watching it. Felt so bad for them.

So we had some cool Rob and Big White adventures this week. So we named Elder Unger and Elder Howell. Elder Howell is Wam Wam instead of bam bam and Elder Unger is Thin Zeus instead of Big Zeus. So yeah the crew is together. We decided that since Elder Howell and Unger with Big White 24/7 they had to be apart of Big White Security. So Tuesday last week was our P day and bam we decide to go out to eat cause Saturday was Big Whites B Day. So we go there and well I tell them I needed to get up and leave real fast. So I go and talk to the waitress and was like hey excuse me its one of our Friends birthdays and I was wondering if you could sing happy birthday to him. So she goes sure. So she ask for his name and I go its Elder Biddulph she goes what is his first name I wasn't sure so I go actually he likes to be called Big White. And she goes Big White and I was like yeah you know he is like 6'7 big guy ya know. And she goes right um.. I guess we could do that. So I go one more thing could you make it super loud and embarrassing. So she laughs and goes of course. So next thing we know the waiter comes up and they drop its his birthday and he goes well to be nice I won't sing to you but will bring you cake for free. I was so ticked well of a sudden you hear clapping which was the sign, And they come up and he goes everyone its Big Whites Birthday. They all yell yeah big white and he goes I thought you weren't going to sing he goes well I lied. Then Big White goes you did this I was laughing so hard and he just went red in face. It was so awesome. So that is why I sent you the pic with his him and his balloon they originally tied it to his wrist hahhaha. That was for sure my funny of the week. I am pretty sure we were all laughing. President if you read this sorry just couldn't resist.

As for spiritually this week was awesome I was able to a girl named Pixie well that is her English name she is from China,And she is way cool. So to update you we have a guy named Scott on date but his baby is dieing so we teach him at the hospital. Super sad to see and they can't take him out or it puts him at risk of dieing sooner so unfortunately he cant make it to church. So Pixie said she would come. So Saturday night I asked to see a miracle and asked that the Lord would bless that Pixie would come. Well Sunday came and Pixie didn't come due to have to work late. I was bummed and I can honestly say wasn't mad just thinking man that stinks. You know its one of those times you wanted it so bad and when it doesn't happen you just get hit hard right. Well time goes on and all of a sudden I see Scott walk in with his wife and little baby that is dieing. It was the coolest thing ever so I leaned over and told Elder Bailey so we go over to them. And they said the most awesome thing they said we wanted him to go to church at least once before he died. It was without a doubt a bigger miracle then I had asked for. I am grateful to the Lord for this he taught me that miracles are real and that if you ask he will show them to you. Its human nature to when it first doesn't happen immediately to doubt. I must admit many a times I did this. I would ask for something and when it didn't come I would doubt. But no wonder it never came because I lost faith. Moroni taught that miracles ceased because the faith of men ceased as well. It coincides the Lord can not do anything if you don't believe. Before he would heal someone he would ask do you believe that I can do this. And when they did he would do it. So if you want to see miracles learn from me and when it doesn't happen in your time. Don't doubt it wont happen but continue to be hopeful for the time that it does. Elder Neal A Maxwell said something to the effect of its silly to think we who wear wrist watches cant tell him who controls the cosmic clock when it would be the right time. Remember what Isaiah said in Chapter 55 verses 8-9 :" For my athoughts are not byour thoughts, neither are your cways my dways, saith the Lord. 9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my aways bhigher than your ways, and my cthoughts than your thoughts." It was a hard lesson to learn and unfortunately took me a while but I know that the Lord will do things in his own time. Anyways love ya tons talk to you on SUNDAY!


Elder Davis.

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