Monday, May 30, 2011

letter recieved 5-30-11


So this week has been pretty good I am super tired though. We got up at 4:30 yesterday to catch a ferry so that was awesome it is always fun to take ferry rides. Just a really calm and beautiful ride. So then we got to New Glasgow and had a great District Conference a lot of good talks were given. It was definitely a blast. It was good to see a lot of the members I knew from New Glasgow that I used to know I am surprised that some of them still remembered me I wasn't there very long and since a couple of missionaries have passed through but it was cool to say good bye to a lot of them. But one of the funniest is there is a group of boys in the ward that love to punch us and the call it the club of getting punched lol. So I pointed to Elder Biddulph and was like hey he needs to be initiated so they all go up and start punching the crap out of him I was laughing so hard watching him. At one point he goes hey easy you almost got in a really bad spot. It was good but even better last night to just pass out. So let me now try to explain why I was wearing a apron. I was at Rand and Liz's a super funny family well I will talk about them for a bit. Rand is super funny and was actually the one who helped me realize I have agoraphobia yeah so that was pretty nuts. He also tells us everything that makes Liz happy like us shaking her hand and for some reason she really likes it if we touch her food or if we make gagging noises its really crazy. But anyways of course growing up in our family I hearing this always make sure to do these things just to get her going. So needless to say dinner there is always a blast and reminds me a lot of family dinners on Sunday. It seriously is a blast and always by the end has my face hurting from laughing so hard. I will have to get a picture of their kids they are all super funny as well. Back to the apron though well we over last Thursday and I was cutting up some food and it shot off my plate and hit my shirt so I talked about how I always spill on myself. And well next thing I know Liz is next to me with an apron and I couldn't resist I actually thought the flowers were fitting and brought a different shade out in my eyes I don't know but I do know I like it.

So on to this week. It has been a really good week we were able to get out and work and see some really sweet things. We decided that we wanted to improve our knocking and make it more effective. The coolest thing about this was the fact that we had this vision right of improving it. We took it to the Lord told him of our desires then did everything we could to make it happen. Another thing was we wanted to get to meet with Scott on a more consistent basis. With both of these being just two of our goals or we can say visions for the future we went forward. And the miraculous thing was in both cases things improved. One Scott schedule is now that we can come over more and teach him on a way more consistent basis. The next was the our knocking became a lot better our doors were better. A street that would take us 30 minutes takes us at least an hour. So the thought is back to Ether and the Brother of Jared taking the stones to the Lord and him wanting the Lord to touch them and put light in them. I believe that if we want assistance from the Lord in whatever it may be big or small. We need to have a vision of what we want the Lord to do. Make sure though that this vision is ok with the Lord. And then when you receive that confirmation do all you can and miracles do and always will follow. It amazes me as I have looked back on things I have come to realize miracles happen everyday all around us but we must stop and look for them. Expect a miracle and it will come. Anyways mom I love ya tons you are doing great things for the young women! Talk to ya next week.

Love ya tons,


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