Thursday, May 26, 2011

letter recieved 5-26-11


So this week was well good minus the fact that it was Victoria day so that was dumb cause it caused everything to shut down. And then we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders so with all this stuff things have been kind of crazy things still are a little busy which is good. But other then that things were really good this week. We were able to get on the ferry and with the fog and sun rise it just made for a really sweet ride. As well as some good pictures. So hopefully your able to get those cause I sent them so you can no longer say that I don't take enough pictures. So then we get to Leadership training that and that was a blast it was really fun to go there and get some great President quotes. So we will start with the first when we go we fill out this evaluation page and President goes is everyone almost done. And so I wasn't done so he goes Elder Davis if you don't get it by now I am sorry but it might be to late. So I joked with him a bit and then he goes actually Elder Davis put your name on it I wan't to see what you put down. So that goes on for a bit and then I still wasn't done so he chuckles at that and then someone goes you have to learn charity with that one and he goes "oh yeah I have definitely developed charity with Elder Davis". It was funny definitely made me laugh a lot. Then the next funny quote by President was that he said "he feels that it is OK to say that you think a girl is cute but that is it", "And that when you get married make sure you are somewhat physically attracted to them". He thinks its good for them to get the heart pumping every time you see them. It was totally awesome I was like good old President, then Sister Simpson comes in and he goes oh good thing your here Sister Simpson the Elders are getting me to talk about things that are completely off topic. So overall it full of a lot of laughs as well as some very good spiritual moments.

So there was a lot of cool moments. When we went to New Glasgow we went and talked to a man named Raymond who me and Nicholas knocked into last year he was a former and at the time just crazy haha to be honest really weird. I am sure Nicholas remembers him. Well I turned to Elder Howell that is who I was on exchanges with. And was like Elder the only way this will work is if humbled by the Lord. And we walk in and he goes I am so glad you guys came I am having such a hard time. So we began to talk to him and he told us he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet that the Book of Mormon was true. And so we read a scripture with him and then said invited him to be baptized. He told us no I already have. So Elder Howell began to talk to him again about how he knows that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and that through him the Priesthood Authority was restored. And Raymond agreed. But still wasn't willing so finally I felt to tell him Raymond this is the only way you will be able to make it to heaven. It defiantly caught him off guard, But he agreed. He is going to be baptized July 16Th well that is the date but most likely they will move it up. It was pretty awesome just kind of interesting how things can change. Which brings me to my point and it is this I have thought of where I was before my mission. I was shy, and very nervous to talk to anyone especially a group of people, I hated anything that I had to take charge in. It is amazing how the Lord can mold you into what he needs you to be. He knew I was weak and could not do this alone. So when I recognized my weaknesses he helped me break them and overcome them so I could more fully serve him and be what he needed me to be. It is my testimony that Ether 12:27 is true when you look at why it came about. Moroni was admitting his weaknesses and fears. That people would mock at it and not accept it. But now his Promise is one of the most powerful tools missionaries all over the world call upon. It is amazing what the Lord can do when we swallow are pride and humbly go to him for help. Anyways I love ya tons. Talk to ya next week as far as I know there is no holiday.

Love ya,

Elder Davis.

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