Monday, January 24, 2011

letter recieved 1/24/11


So whats up mom! So as Laura told you I am getting transferred to St. Stephens which is right on the border of Maine. Which will be awesome. Mostly because well everything is cheaper and more awesome there. For example cheese, milk, and chicken will be like half the price. So I am really excited about that.
It was crazy when I found out it all started with President calling me and leaving me a message. So I call him back and he makes some small talk about a bunch of stuff and you could tell something was up. So I am like yeah but whats up President so he goes well Elder Davis I feel strongly inspired to give you an assignment that I know your to do. So he tells me I am going to St. Stephens it will be awesome I am a little nervous he told me of some concerns but without struggle where is victory. So I am excited well and to be honest kind of nervous for this new area it will be different for sure. But I am excited for the challenge it will be a huge growing experience I am sure of it just the way things sound. So I am sad to leave Elder Smith he was an awesome companion I really got a long with him but, at the same time. I am going to the States which is the promised land of this mission for sure. So things will be really good.

Anyways I will be packing for that and getting ready for this crazy change. But in the mean time the good news is that there is members that live in Maine that will let us use there address for sending packages and what not. Which is definitely awesome. That means mail comes in 3 days for a letter and 6 for a package pretty freaking awesome eh. On a serious note though things this week has been really good. Which should of been a sign of me getting transferred. Every time things start getting good I get moved but oh well it keeps ya humble I guess. Or that is what they say. So humility is my lesson for the next six weeks I guess or that is what I am feeling it will be. But that is alright humility is always a good lesson to learn if not one of the best to learn especially while on your mission. Its not easy to learn here but its good to learn because then you draw closer to your Savior. Which makes you a ten times more effective missionary. So anyways got to go for now. Love ya mom talk to ya later.



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