Monday, January 10, 2011

letter recieved 1/10/11


Hey whats up? So the pictures of Dave on the scooter made me and Elder Smith die laughing it was so funny to see him on it. I am a little surprised that he bought it so soon, But not really because all he talked about on the phone with me was how much he wanted a scooter like that. So tell him I definitely want a scooter ride.

I am glad you got Beus's letter he is a good kid he actually just sent me an email today he sounds like he is doing really good I am happy for him he is a good kid miss being able to talk to him as much as I use to back in New Glasgow but from what I can tell he seems to be doing really well up in Sydney and he seems to be enjoying training so I think things should continue to go well for him. To answer the question no I didn't lock the door I kept it open so I could talk to him and yeah then came the camera I was like are you kidding me dude(companion sent us a picture of Kyle sittin on the toliet). But yeah he said he was kidding then a few weeks before he sent it to you he called me and was like guess what? My response not much why Elder? He follows with I am totally sending that picture to your mom with Happy Kwanza on it. So then yeah he sent it and now you have it and it looks like you have shown everyone it. So thanks for keeping it secret eh.

So you got Ans a beach cruiser for her birthday eh? That is to funny. Can she drive yet?
But yeah ten months in an area eh?(talkin about and elder in our area) That is a lot longer then I have ever served in an area. I have only made it 7 1/2 months in an area. But I will probably be in the Metro for a total of 20 months by the time I am done with my mission.
Oh by the way Cassie told me she sent you an email asking what my favorite food was, And yes I did almost cry when I walked in and saw chicken enchiladas. It was totally awesome. Then she follows up with hey do you want the left overs.

But lets see this week has been pretty good I can't complain I should say. Nothing to crazy has happened except this guy who is a less active but married to a non member. Who we have been trying to get a hold of and kind of worried about him not being active. Showed up to church on Sunday so when we talked to him he told us that he was interested in becoming more active and really wanted us to come over and work with his wife. So we are pretty excited about that and the fact that he is having her read and pray with him. So it makes things a lot easier for us so lets hope for the best. Then another lady came up in church and told us she gave a Book of Mormon to her friend that rides the bus with her. And is going to work on setting up a time to have her meet with us. So things are starting to look a lot better. We have also been getting to know ward members a lot better. So things here are going really good and were pretty pumped for all the blessings we have been receiving while being here.

Anways love ya tons. Take care enjoy the beach cruisers. Be safe its awesome it finally snowed here. So we had a couple of good snowball fights.

Love ya though,

Elder Davis.

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