Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Letter recieved 1-5-11


The one wearing glasses is Elder Smith not me. But yeah they are
pretty cool glasses. Well this week was fun crazy to think its 2011
already time is flying by way to fast. This Saturday will be my 18
month mark which is just crazy. Some funnies of the week have been
convincing Elder Wilkinson that Elder Smiths ex girlfriend is Audrina
Partridge from the Hills. Drinking all the Sparkling juice and then
taking it and feeling it up with water and then watching the other
Elders come in to drink it and be like this is just crazy it looks
like water. Then they start drinking it and they were like your so gay
dude. So things were pretty funny. But nothing besides P days now
being Mondays have changed. Which stunk this week because well in
Canada when ever there is a holiday on the weekend they carry it over
to Monday. So yeah that means that everything that had to do with the
government was closed. But oh well live goes on and we just move
things as well. So yes P day will continue to be on Monday from here
on out. The reasoning behind it was simple Salt Lake said things work
better when it is on Monday so President said in Zone Leader Council
how can he expect his Elders to follow the Mission Handbook if he
doesn't trust and follow the council from the brethren. So life here
is good President was pretty funny at Zone Leader Council he was
sitting there and some the new Zone Leaders were there and they were
doing the Zone Reports he would say to them if you want to come to
another of these don't mess up. So really that is it for changes
though in the mission.

It was a good Zone Leader Council we were talking about newer Elders
and them having problems knocking well mostly the fact that they don't
always see immediate results from knocking. It is something that can
really wear down on you to. Believe me I have had a couple of days
where I think why does this have to be so hard. You often times when
you 4 weeks of knocking straight and not getting in one door and you
are not able to get any return appointments and then to make matters
worse you drop or are dropped by your only investigators. It can be
mentally and emotionally tough in so many ways. So we were talking
about this and how to help them. And then President said he was
convinced that there is more blessing that come from knocking then
just getting a new investigator. We discussed how it teaches
obedience, a work ethic and diligence. It's true but that lead me to
realize that each little stupid trial really is there to teach you
something and the crappy thing is sometimes you just don't want to
learn it. And you wish it would just end. But it is in those moments
that you are growing more then you will then if you see success after
success. Anyways that is all for now I will talk to you on Monday I
guess love ya tons.

Elder Davis.

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