Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Letter Received 9/2/09

That is crazy about the whole fantasy football but not that unbelievable. The jacket sounds great. Oh ya I went take pictures but my camera is dead went to find the cord and there isn't one I don't know where it is it’s not in any of my bags at all so I guess no pictures oh well. And no I haven't gotten my haircut yet because Elder Packard one of my zone leaders hasn't been over yet to cut it, because haircuts are so expensive and he cuts his own hair and does good so I figure I can trust him. Let’s see something cool oh I ate beet’s I think that is how you spell it so now I am just waiting for my poop to be red I ate extra beet’s when the members told me that cool piece of information. But as far as everything else Ken still won’t let us into his house but he at least answers his phone so we are able to talk to him there and we found out that we didn't offend him which is good. But in the mean time we decided we needed to find more people to teach so we started just devoting a lot of time to knocking, street contacting, and going through the area book for Former Investigators. Then we stumbled across one whose name is Jennifer and she was actually just in the potential. So we dropped by and she lets us in haha and says that she read the Book of Mormon but that was it. So we go well what did you like about it. She goes can I be honest I didn't read it I just told you that so you guys would be happy hahahaha. We just started laughing so hard. But it turned into from there what can you teach me so we only had 10 minutes so we taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. And she told us to come back September 14th which is far away but she won't be home till then. So that was way cool to run into her. Brother Muggah called so when my companion called him back to confirm the appointment he was all happy at first and then freaked out on him. I ofcourse stood there listening and thought it was the funniest thing I have ever heard he went off on how he can't waste time and needs to find a wife it was crazy but funny. But that is it here. It’s crazy transfers start next week it’s gone by faster than I thought my first transfer would. But hopefully everyone is ok.

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