Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Letter Received 8/26/09

To start this off I will share some Canadian lingo with you. Mario Canadians pronounce it Marry-Oh and Pasta is Past-Uh hahaha oh ya garage is grage or like carriage only replace the c with a g. I feel bad for Tanner that is crazy he is ok right? The tropical storm was so wimpy I wanted something crazy to happen since we had to stay in doors and it was nothing more then a monsoon without dust. The blog I haven't seen it we can only go to,, and well our email so I haven't been able to see it. I am sure it is fine. And pictures I don't really have any new ones I can start taking some crazy ones though I guess. And ya totally get the jacket there I havent been able to find one here yet they don't have them out. And the pants from salvation army work fine they are only like 4-7$ so you can never complain there. And tell Jake his derby cars may not be fast but everyone loved the joke he told me to tell for my farewell talk. And ya the ward meeting we had to kind of lay it down we got shut down. So we got them to think about it. And if we get shut down again we are going to share with the L Tom Perrys talk Bring Souls Unto Me and then if that doesn't help who knows what will. This week has been kind of slow and depressing. My companion got sick so that is never good the dork has been sick for a while and just didn't tell me cause he was like I was training you so I didn't want to be lazy. So we took him to the doctor and he had to rest for a couple of days. And then to make things worse Ken dropped us and he was supposed to be baptized this Saturday. But I was reading in Alma 8 and the samething kind of happened to Alma right but the angel came and told him to go back. And when he did what stood out when I was reading it was that he went in a different way. So I read that and thought today in the temple of different ways or approaches me and Elder Trump can take to get Ken back on track I know all will be well Elder Trump is a good elder and Ken is ready so it will get fixed. Yeah I got Jims letter it was good hearing from him. I need to write Ben. And no I haven't gotten any of the packages at all weirdly enough oh well it will come. And ya I finally found the Dr. Pepper but they will charge me an extra 1.20 for all the cans to recycle so no way will I buy that. I just will stick to my minute made cans haha its good juice right. But the highlight was last week at Wal Mart I was walking through there. And all of a sudden I think of Brexton. So I told Elder Trump about how my best friend at home was a 3 year old and how we would hustle me everytime and get me to buy him toys. He thought it was the funniest thing I got schooled by him. But oh well Brexton was awesome so hey he deserved it. And tell Brinton laugh it up but the talk actually needs to be shared with my mission there is two elders like in the last few months that got engaged to two members.But yes do tell Colburn that punk to write me or at least email me its been forever since I have heard from him. Both of which were like 5-7 years older then them and had a kid or two already. So yeah crazy stuff eh. And there is your eh I was on exchanges last week with another kid in my district and he was saying for his homecoming talk he is going to get up and say at the end I would like to now bear my testimony in my missions native language haha he will do it to. Oh next week I will have some good Bro Muggah stories he called us and left a message that went like this elders I need to visit with you and hear the good word I just worked ten days straight for a total of a 148 hours and I had two accidents so things went bad. He is the guy that drives the sign truck for road construction haha we were like you would think he was a doctor. So we called him and he denied calling us but still made an appointment for us to drop but his house to say the least it will be very interesting.

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