Monday, August 17, 2009

Letter received 7/29/08

Hey I need to send this real fast so my new companion is Elder Trump I am going to be in Sackville, Novia Scotia which is part of the metro area which means every p day i get to go to the temple which is really small. But on a scarier and really hope not fact my trainer is also dl which the president said is good cause he will also teach me how to do leadership positions. But President Simpson is a really funny guy really sarcastic but seems to have a lot of plans on how to get things going here so I am excited to see what is gonna happen. Sister Simpson is really nice to they made us breakfast today. And we didn't get to bed last night till 1 it was crazy we had to go through customs. But tomorrow will be my first real day in the field it is 815 right now and on Sister Simpsons laptop it says it is 514 hahaha. But I need to go get my bags my companion should be here shortly. Lets pray that me not being able to drive will be able to keep me out of all leadership positions!!!

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