Monday, August 17, 2009

Letter received 8/5/09

Ok first off this is my P day and happy b-day to you! But elder Trump is from Kansas is a awesome guy really out going and bold and funny so he is really good for me. He works me into the ground everyday and our goal is exact obedience I love this kid. We have to investigators with baptismal dates its freaking awesome so now were trying to build up a teaching pool. This mission is hard but we still keep our goal at a baptism a month doesn't sound like alot but it is the people are devout catholic or Anglican and don't want to change but oh well there is people here ready we talk about it every night. I met a lady named Dorean she is 54 just got baptized and is handicap. But when she got baptized she told us she saw Jesus. I know after talking to her she really did see him. They said when she came out of the water she was just glowing I am really bummed I wasn't there. She is amazing to talk to from what she told me Jesus looks amazing. But this place is awesome are ward is really awesome and Bishop Evans is an awesome man. What did he say? Cause that first day he called on me to bear my testimony haha. But I wasn't to nervous. There is only a 100 people. But here is some amusement for you haha. There is a less active named brother Muggah who told us he is a prophet/three nephite and he told us Heavenly Father doesn't use words when he talks he uses tones and sounds that is why in 3rd Nephi the words Jesus spoke couldn't be written what else oh ya the Word of Wisdom isn't true he said it was written by a Jack A. Until I told him that jack a was Joseph Smith he didn't know how to respond at all. My companion told me afterward don't worry he is in the top 10 of weirdest people you will meet. They don't have dr pepper here its crazy oh well everything is so expensive I couldn't afford it. Milk 6.29 here for two gallons and cereal is 5$ just for a box. Crazy stuff. But the mission life is good its pretty simple really you work hard everyday and the day goes by fast. But here is something crazy I ate some Korean food talk about gross they gave us some noodles that one I can’t describe the other just looked like a tongue oh gosh I was struggling to put it down. Then they gave us some weird pie. My favorite part of the meal had to be the watermelon. But hopefully we find some more investigators. And um I forgot what our address Trump can’t remember it either he just got here. But I will try and get it. Soon who all wants it? But anyways hope you enjoy your b-day there its probably what 1 30 there? its 4 30 here. Oh ya everything is in Ks here not mph and there is no one dollar bills it’s a lunes and tunies i think that is how you spell the lunies is a 1$ coin and the tunie is a 2$ coin. But anyways i got to go love ya so much mom and dad.

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