Monday, August 17, 2009

Letter received from Bishop

Hello Davis family

I wanted to say that we have your son in our Ward , and we are very pleased to have him.
Last November I sent my son out on his mission to Oklamaha City and it was a new experience for us so I have made a point to contact the family's of new missionaries coming into our ward .

I called on Elder Davis to come up and share his testimony on Sunday , which he did very well.
He is paired with a fine companion and I am sure they will do well.

The Sackville Ward has about 120 to 140 people out each Sunday . We cover a fairly large area , it would take
about an hour to drive from one side of the Ward boundries to the other. That is probably a little different than your ward . We are a younger family ward and have a number of fun activities .
Elder Davis seemed to fit in well , many members made a point to meet him and wish him well .
We will do our best to look after him . I know that he and the three other elders in our area will be out to our home
on Thursday for supper .

I understand you are in Arizona . My daughter lives in Ahwatukee with her husband and four children , they attend the Foothills Ward .
All the best to you and thank you for your efforts over the years to bring up a son worthy to go on a mission , and be able to serve here .


Bishop George Evans

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