Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letter Received 8/19/09

I got to the office every Wednesday to turn in gas and k reports since my companion is the District Leader also Dear Elder still works out here so we check our mail. Groceries here are expensive if you buy bottles you have to pay 10 cents per bottle. And you pay I think 5 cents for groceries bags so a lot of the times we just don't buy them and we buy the frozen juice cans. Well I just buy my pants from the Salvation Army since there gonna be ruined anyways and you just wear a jacket from what i am told you wear like a snowboarding jacket. The temple here is really small the missionaries pretty much feel it up. Elder Beus went to Truro which is about 45 minutes out of the metro. I heard from the A P’s that he is doing really good. No I didn't get my package from Jessie. Canadians are so dang lazy here they only work like 4 days a week. So it takes forever to get mail here from home cause they never work. this week has been pretty eventful we had our baptism for Cassie and then we had Zone Conference as well. Both Sister Postart and Sister Peterson are really nice people. Sister Peterson makes us cookies all the time ha ha it’s cool. But tonight were going to ward council and it might get a little crazy as were going to address a lot of stuff. But anyways I will pray for dads work and everything else hope things are still going well they are here except it’s really hot here. Like 94 degrees plus humidity.
Oh ya my typical day. I wake up and me and my companion just stare and don’t talk cause were way to tired. Then we study. But for the most part we knock a lot and do a lot of service here. There is one lady Elizabeth who we do a lot of yard work and stuff and have begun to teach her now. And for whatever reason she thinks she has to give us food. And every time we eat it were pooping like crazy the next four days It’s crazy you can't fart cause your to scared. But the missionaries here have to do a lot we have to visit less actives which sometimes gets crazy. And we have home teaching families so ya idk we do a lot of things for the ward I just never noticed it at home I guess. But we are going to get the ward more missionary minded we don’t get referrals and there is a lot of stupid things going on right now its a good word but everyone hates someone here.
blog what the crap I told you none of that garbage. I am not going to send pictures now that I know this bad move was made. But our apartment is ok its had its years of missionaries you can tell. No a/c makes it crazy hot at night time. But idk I am told by the end of this week it should begin to cool down. Who knows we will see. Luckily/not good for no entertainment Brother Muggah is gone to Digby so we don't have to worry about him calling us to visit or come help him. And who is in control of this blog?


  1. Love the letter! Eating that food will help him stay skinny on his mission so he won't come back as the typical heavier elder. Although Brinton came back with huge muscle legs I like to refer to them as horse legs from walking and riding bikes all day. Good luck Kyle we love you!

  2. Hey Kyle- it's Val Galvan's mom-- love the blog- is your mom in charge? My nephew Heath Hoffman is serving in Halifax- I told him to look you up. He has been there since Jan.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. If you eat bad food it's got to come out one way or another. We are real proud of Kyle, he is a great example for The Beebes. Enjoy the weather now cause soon its going to be COLD buddy. Doug

  4. Hey Kyle-Doug and I wake up and just stare, we don't talk to each other either. Too tired. It's like we're on a mission! I'm not a blogger but I like this look for you. Send entertaining pictures. This is the most fun we have all week!Amanda